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100 Natural History Treasures of Te Papa: 100 Amazing Objects from the Te Papa Natural History Collection

Since the Colonial Museum opened in 1865 and the first director, Sir James Hector, began collecting items of geological and natural history significance, the collections of New Zealand's national muse..

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250 Years Of New Zealand Painting

This landmark book on New Zealand artists and their work was first written by Gil Docking, published in 1971, extended to 1990 by art historian Michael Dunn, and again to 2020 by art historian, writer..

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Aesop's Kiwi Fables

In this collection, newly painted for this book, Ray Ching's drawing and painting skills, familiar to New Zealanders through his widely seen paintings of birds, are imaginatively engaged in an altoget..

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Architect and the Artists: Hackshaw, McCahon, Dibble, The

A beautiful and important book about the remarkable collaboration between the modernist architect James Hackshaw (a member, for a time, of the famous Group Architects), the painter Colin McCahon..

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Back of the Painting

Behind the scenes with the experts on famous paintings. The seal of the Prince of Yugoslavia, the icon that protected persecuted Russians, Monets repurposed canvas, the excised first wife, the stolen ..

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Bill Hammond : Across the Evening Sky


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Billy Apple:Life/Work

Billy Apple (born Barrie Bates in Auckland, 1935) is New Zealand's most internationally significant living artist and a pioneer of pop and conceptual art. At the Royal College of Art in London f..

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Colin McCahon: Is This the Promised Land?: Vol.2 1960-1987

Colin McCahon (1919-1987) was New Zealand's greatest twentieth-century artist. Through landscapes, biblical paintings and abstraction, the introduction of words and Maori motifs, McCahon's work came t..

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Colin McCahon: There is Only One Direction.Volume 1. 1919-1959
Conversatio: In the company of bees

Through Noble's art and newly commissioned essays, the book traverses Noble's deep interest in how humans relate to bees. From images of communities of bees to tintype photographs showing the beau..

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Crafting Aotearoa: A Cultural History of Making in New Zealand and the Wider Moana Oceania

A major new history of craft that spans three centuries of making and thinking in Aotearoa New Zealand and the wider Moana (Pacific). Paying attention to Pakeha (European New Zealanders), Maori, and i..

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Creative Conservation


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Encounters: Nga Tai Whakarongorua

The portrait wall in Toi Art, the art gallery within New Zealands national museum, Te Papa, is the most popular art exhibition for museum visitors. Hung salon-style on dark red walls, its 36 arresting..

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Finding Frances Hodgkins

When Frances Hodgkins, our most celebrated artist, first left New Zealand in 1901, location became a key factor in her determination to succeed as an artist. In this engaging book, curator Mary Kisler..

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Fine Line: Twelve Environmental Sculptures Encircle the Earth

In 1995, two adventurous artists decided to follow their hearts, creative instincts and life principles to draw a symbolic line around the earth. They embarked on a global environmental art project to..

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Frances Hodgkins: European Journeys

New Zealand-born Frances Hodgkins (1869-1947) arrived in London in 1901 and, by the 1920s, had become a leading British modernist, exhibiting frequently with avant-garde artists such as Ben Nicholson,..

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Galleries of Maoriland: Artists, Collectors and the Maori World, 1880-1910

Galleries of Maoriland introduces us to the many ways in which Pakeha discovered, created, propagated and romanticised the Maori world at the turn of the century - in the paintings of Lindauer and Gol..

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Gottfried Lindauer's New Zealand: The Maori Portraits

From the 1870s to the early twentieth century, the Bohemian immigrant artist Gottfried Lindauer travelled to marae and rural towns around New Zealand and - commissioned by Maori and Pakeha - captured ..

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He Ringatoi O Nga Tupuna: Isaac Coates and his Maori portraits

Isaac Coates was an Englishman who lived in Wellington and Nelson between 1841 and 1845. During that time he painted watercolour portraits of 58 Maori from Nelson, Marlborough, Wellington, Waikanae a..

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House of Treasures : 150 Objects From Canterbury Museum Nga Taonga Tuku
Kelcy Taratoa : Who Am I Episode 002


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Kushana Bush: The Burning Hours

Kushana Bush inhabits a singular position within contemporary New Zealand art. Her meticulously detailed compositions, multi-ethnic characters and open-ended narratives combine to create a unique visu..

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Landmarks : Grahame Sydney, Brian Tuner and Owen Marshall with Fiona Farrell

A handsome, landmark book celebrating the work of three of our literary and artistic heavyweights. The complementary work of artist Grahame Sydney, fiction writer Owen Marshall and poet Brian T..

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Llew Summers: Body and soul

Llew Summers (1947-2019) was a rarity in the art world - a figurative artist in a scene dominated by abstract practices. 'Llew Summers: Body and Soul' depicts the work and life of one of New Zealand's..

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Marti Friedlander: Portraits of the Artists

For fifty years, Marti Friedlander (1928-2016) was one of New Zealand's most important photographers, her work singled out for praise and recognition here and around the world. Friedlander's powerful ..

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McCahon Country

'My painting tells you where I am at any given time, where I am living and the direction I am pointing in.' Colin McCahon McCahon (1919-1987) is widely recognised as an outstanding figure in t..

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Me, According to the History of Art

Throughout his long career, New Zealand painter Dick Frizzell has often gone way out on a limb to see where it would take him. From his early Pop art influenced approach to his experiments with landsc..

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Nicolas Dillon Drawn to the Wild


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Paintings from My Palette


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Paul Dibble X:  Decade of Sculpture 2010-2020

Paul Dibble has traversed many subjects in his sculptural work - often returning to them years later, like godwits coming home to roost. Between 2010 and 2020, human figures and native New Zealand ..

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Questions I Have Asked Myself

Judy Millar is one of New Zealand's most internationally recognised contemporary artists. In 'Questions I Have Asked Myself' she shares more than 60 paintings from the last 40 years alongside notes an..

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Ray Ching: New Zealand bird paintings

Ray Ching is internationally recognised as one of the world's greatest living wildlife artists. Born in New Zealand, he established himself as an artist in the 1960s, before moving to England where he..

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Rita Angus: New Zealand Modernist | Ringatoi Hou o Aotearoa

The companion catalogue to the major Rita Angus show at Te Papa in 2021 The work of seminal, pioneering New Zealand modernist artist Rita Angus returns in triumph to the Museum of New Zealand Te..

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Spirit Conversations With Creative Women


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Sun Is a Star: A voyage through the universe, The

'The universe - and everything in it - is always expanding into tomorrow . . . What a scene, eh? More magic than magic. Magic, mysterious and beautiful. And here we are. On the third rock from the sun..

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Surrealist Art at Te Papa | He Toi Pohewa: Masterpieces from Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

Surrealism emerged in Paris in the early 1920s, at first mainly through literature and poetry and later through writing, drawing, painting, photography, performance, exhibitions and game-playing. Deve..

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Tara McLeod: A Typographic Journey

Chronicling the work of Tara McLeod, New Zealand's most revered private press printer, this book presents a selection of over 300 images of his prints, his books and his 3D work. Accompanied by essays..

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Te Puna Waiora:  Distinguished Weavers of Te Kahui Whiritoi
Time Lizard's Archaeologist

2016. Auckland psychologist, Jason Winston, grieving over the death of his sister and increasingly disorientated by dreams and visions, begins to experience an alternate reality. Here he encounters Aj..

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Toi Tu Toi Ora: Contemporary Maori Art

The story of contemporary Maori art from the 1950s to the present day, with more than 200 artworks by 110 Maori artists, this is a powerful, dynamic new book. Maori art is unique among all art mo..

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