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Ed Sheeran: Writing Out Loud: The stories behind the songs

Ed Sheeran is at the very top of the pop-music world. Whether he is creating and releasing his own amazing albums, or writing hits for many major artists - Justin Bieber, the Weeknd, Taylor Swift and ..

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Eilean Fraoich: Lewis Gaelic Songs and Melodies


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Electric Eden: Unearthing Britain's Visionary Music

Rob Young investigates how the idea of folk has been handed down and transformed by successive generations - song collectors, composers, Marxist revivalists, folk-rockers, psychedelic voyagers, free f..

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Electric Guitar Evolution: Classic 50s and 60s Models from Past to Present

'Finding ways to use the same guitar people have been using for 50 years, to make sounds no one has heard before, is truly what gets me off.' - Jeff Beck Electric Guitar Evolution: Classic 50s & ..

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Electric Light Orchestra: Song by Song

ELO (The Electric Light Orchestra) were devised by Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne of The Move as a fusion of rock and contemporary classical-style music, combining orchestral instruments, guitars, keyboards ..

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Elton John

Meticulously researched and drawing on many original interviews with close friends and associates, Elton John: The Biography is a serious and weighty, but also page-turningly entertaining, biography o..

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Elton John by Terry O'Neill: The definitive portrait, with unseen images

"Looking at Terry's photographs is like gazing through a window at the most extraordinary and exciting moments of my life. I'm so glad he was with us throughout the madness: in his evocative and styli..

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Elvis in Vegas: How the King Reinvented the Las Vegas Show

The story of how Las Vegas saved Elvis and Elvis saved Las Vegas in the greatest musical comeback of all time. The conventional wisdom is that Las Vegas is what destroyed Elvis Presley, launching..

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Experiencing Alice Cooper: A Listener's Companion

Experiencing Alice Cooper: A Listener's Companion takes a long overdue look at the music and stage act of rock music's self-styled arch-villain. A provocateur from the very start of his career in the ..

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Experiencing David Bowie: A Listener's Companion

In Experiencing David Bowie: A Listener's Companion, musicologist, writer, and musician Ian Chapman unravels the extraordinary marriage of sound and visual effect that lies at the heart of the work of..

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Experiencing Progressive Rock: A Listener's Companion

In Experiencing Progressive Rock: A Listener's Companion, Robert G. H. Burns brings together the many strands that define the "prog rock" movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s to chart the evolut..

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Fabulous Creation

The era of the LP began in 1967, with 'Sgt Pepper?; The Beatles didn?t just collect together a bunch of songs, they Made An Album. Henceforth, everybody else wanted to Make An Album. The end came only..

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Face the Music: A Life Exposed

"People say I was brave to write such a revealing book, but I wrote it because I needed to personally reflect on my own life. I know everyone will see themselves somewhere in this book, and where my s..

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Finding Language: The Massey University Composer Addresses

The music of the 'father of New Zealand composition', Douglas Lilburn, formed the subject of a ninth address by pianist Margaret Nielsen. Finding Language collects together all the Massey Composer Add..

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Fire on All Sides

For many of us who suffer from depression or anxiety, the simple act of endurance, of having to appear 'normal', is a daunting, painful and heroic task. Getting out of bed, packing the kids off to sch..

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First Time Ever: A Memoir

A Sunday Times and Telegraph Book of the Year Shortlisted for the Penderyn Music Book Prize The Bookseller's Most Picked Book in General Non-Fiction Round Ups of 2017 Peggy Seeger is one of f..

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First Time, The: Tracks and Tales from Music Legends

Taken from the acclaimed BBC Radio 6 Music show, The First Time invites you inside the lives of some of the music world's most notable legends. From Alice Cooper to Yoko Ono, Courtney Love to El..

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Flame, The

THESE POEMS AND NOTEBOOKS ARE THE LAST WORD FROM THE LATE, GREAT LEONARD COHEN The Flame is a stunning collection of Leonard Cohen's last poems and writings, selected and ordered by Cohen in the ..

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Fleetwood Mac on Fleetwood Mac: Interviews and Encounters

Fleetwood Mac was a triumph from the beginningtheir first album was the UK's bestselling album of 1968. After some low pointswhen founder Peter Green left, some fans felt that the band continuing was ..

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Folk Song in England

Longlisted for the Penderyn Music Book Prize England was once dubbed 'the land without music', but in the early twentieth century collectors and enthusiasts such as Cecil Sharp, Ralph Vaughan Wil..

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Foo Fighters: Learning to Fly

Everyone from Sir Paul McCartney and Jimmy Page to Queens of the Stone Age now relishes the chance to share a stage with Dave Grohl and his legendary Foo Fighters. The question is: why? Musical depth?..

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For the Sake of Heaviness: The History of Metal Blade Records
Forever Words: The Unknown Poems

Since his first recordings in 1955, Johnny Cash has been an icon in the music world. In his newly discovered poems and song lyrics, we see the world through his eyes. The poetry reveals his depth of u..

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Franz Liszt: Musician, Celebrity, Superstar

An engrossing new biography of the musical revolutionary who was the world's first international megastar Hungarian composer Franz Liszt (1811-1886) was an anomaly. A virtuoso pianist and electrifying..

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Freddie Mercury - A Kind of Magic

When Freddie Mercury died in 1991, the music world lost one of its most flamboyant characters, as well as a supremely talented writer and vocalist. Best known as the lead singer with Queen, his amazin..

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Fried & Justified: Hits, Myths, Break-Ups and Breakdowns in the Record Business 1978-98

We arrived in a fleet of white stretch limos at a clearing in a wood near Woking. Here the K Foundation was exhibiting a million pounds in cash, while Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty circled the perimet..

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Fugazi's In on the Kill Taker

By June 1993, when Washington, D.C.'s Fugazi released their third full-length album In on the Kill Taker, the quartet was reaching a thunderous peak in popularity and influence. With two EPs (combined..

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Future Days: Krautrock and the Building of Modern Germany

West Germany after the Second World War was a country in shock: estranged from its recent history, and adrift from the rest of Europe. This proved to be fertile ground for a generation of musicians wh..

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G.F. Handel: Messiah (Watkins Shaw) - Paperback Edition Vocal Score: Choral Edition

(Music Sales America). The world-famous Novello choral edition of Handel's beautiful masterpiece. Arranged for SATB with piano part. Edited with piano reduction by Watkins Shaw...

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Gathering Storm

Throughout his esteemed career, Storm Thorgerson revolutionized the art of the album cover. For nearly five decades, Thorgerson designed covers for some of the most famous rock-and-roll bands in the w..

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George: A Memory of George Michael

George is the story of two lives - the private man and the public legend. Georgios Panayiotou was just eighteen when he decided to adopt the stage name of George Michael. Sometimes his two..

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Gerald Finzi Collected Songs: 44 Songs, Including 7 Cycles or Sets

(Boosey & Hawkes Voice). For the first time, the lovely songs of British composer Gerald Finzi (1901-1956) are collected together in one volume, in two keys. This new collection includes some first ti..

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Get the Led Out: How Led Zeppelin Became the Biggest Band in the World

"Get the Led Out" is the ultimate book for the ultimate fan of the ultimate band--Led Zeppelin. This lushly illustrated volume begins with a unique day-by-day timeline based on Carol Miller's radio sh..

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Gibson Les Paul: The Illustrated History of the Guitar That Changed Rock

The Gibson Les Paul is possibly the electric guitar most associated with rock 'n' roll. The result of a collaboration between Gibson's Ted McCarty and jazz guitarist Les Paul in response to the succes..

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Girl in a Band

In Girl in a Band Kim Gordon, founding member of Sonic Youth and role model for a generation of women, tells her story. She writes frankly about her route from girl to woman and pioneering icon within..

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Glastonbury 50: The Official Story of Glastonbury Festival

GLASTONBURY 50 is the authorised, behind-the-scenes, inside story of the music festival that has become a true global phenomenon. The story begins in 1970. The day after Jimi Hendrix's de..

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Go Ahead In The Rain: Notes to a Tribe Called Quest
Going For A Song: A Chronicle of the UK Record Shop

Garth Cartwright has travelled the length and breadth of the country, conducting more than 100 interviews with some of the icons of the record shop trade and the wider music industry, including Martin..

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Gold Dust Woman: The Biography of Stevie Nicks


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Goldmine's Essential Guide to Record Collecting

Your Vinyl Answer Goldmine's Essential Guide to Record Collecting celebrates some of the finest vinyl ever pressed by music's greatest artists. You'll find the royalty of Rock (Elvis, The Beatles, th..

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Good Night and Good Riddance: How Thirty-Five Years of John Peel Helped to Shape Modern Life

Goodnight and Good Riddance: How Thirty-Five Years of John Peel Helped to Shape Modern Britain is a social history, a diary of a nation's changing culture, and an in-depth appraisal of one of our grea..

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Good Vibrations: My Life as a Beach Boy

Mike Love is a founding member, lyricist and vocalist of The Beach Boys, considered to be the most popular American band in history, with 13 Gold Albums, 55 top-100 singles, and four number 1 hits. Lo..

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Goodnight and Good Riddance: How Thirty-Five Years of John Peel Helped to Shape Modern Life

Goodnight and Good Riddance: How Thirty-Five Years of John Peel Helped to Shape Modern Britain is a social history, a diary of a nation's changing culture, and an in-depth appraisal of one of our grea..

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California, 1991. All his life, people have told Jeff Buckley how much he looks like his father, the famous '60s folksinger he barely knew. But Jeff believes he has a gift of his own: a rare, octave-s..

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Grace Jones A to Z: The life of an icon - from Androgyny to Zula

Singer, songwriter, supermodel, record producer, actress and iconoclast, Grace Jones is truly one of a kind, equal parts intriguing, intimidating and indefatigable. From her early days as a mode..

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Great New Zealand Songbook: Hardback with 2 CDs


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Green Day:Photographs by Bob Gruen: Photographs by Bob Gruen

Celebrating 25 years of Green Day, from renowned photographer Bob Gruen It's been 25 years since the breakthrough album Dookie put punk rock pioneers Green Day on the musical map, and r..

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Grime Kids

A group of kids in the 90s had a dream to make their voice heard - and this book documents their seminal impact on today's pop culture. DJ Target grew up in Bow under the shadow of Canary..

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Groove Essentials, the Play-Along: The Groove Encyclopedia for the 21st Century Drummer

(Percussion). This play-along package presented by Vic Firth has been the world's top drum method for the past ten years. It has now been re-released with access to online audio for download or stream..

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Guitar Theory For Dummies

Serious about jamming, understanding, and creating guitar-driven music? Easy. With an approachable and engaging style, Guitar Theory For Dummies goes beyond guitar basics, presenting the guidance i..

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Guitar: A Complete Guide for the Player

This is the most authoritative and comprehensive reference work on the full range of guitar designs and playing styles ever produced.An info-packed and intricately detailed, illustrated glossary that ..

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