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Indigenous Courts, Self-Determination and Criminal Justice

In New Zealand, as well as in Australia, Canada and other comparable jurisdictions, Indigenous peoples comprise a significantly disproportionate percentage of the prison population. For example, Maori..

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International Law

International Law is the definitive and authoritative text on the subject, offering Shaw's unbeatable combination of clarity of expression and academic rigour and ensuring both understanding and criti..

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Introduction to Criminological Thought

The 2nd edition of Introduction to Criminological Thought has been comprehensive revised and updated. It reports on new and important developments in criminology in both policy and practice specifical..

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Law Alive : The NZ Legal System in Context


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Law of Business Organisations 5E


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Law of Torts in New Zealand 7E


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Legal Writing : A Complete Guide for a Career in Law

Legal Writing: A Complete Guide for a Career in Law will provide law students with the skills they need from the minute they reach law school right through to admission to the Bar, in multiple jurisdi..

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Lexis Nexis New Zealand Law Dictionary


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Members' Meetings : All You Need to Know About New Zealand Meeting Procedure

Problems in meetings are commonly experienced by chairpersons and members of various societies. Members' Meetings, 3rd edition, offers a user's guide to running or participating in meetings and gives ..

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Native Land Court Volumes 1 & 2


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Nevill's Law of Trusts, Wills and Administration 13E

Nevill's Law of Trusts, Wills and Administration, 13th edition has a proven record of viability. It provides a clear and concise guide to the law of trusts, wills, and administration for students and ..

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New Zealand Employment Law Guide 2018

This practical, plain-language guide outlines and explains the laws which govern all aspects of employment relations - including the duties and obligations of employers and employees, individual barga..

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New Zealand Land Law (3rd Edition)


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New Zealand Law : Foundations and Method


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New Zealand Law Dictionary 9E

The ninth edition of the New Zealand Law Dictionary has been revised to include an expanded list of legal terms. As a result, this new edition contains over 5,000 entries. Experienced edito..

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New Zealand Law Style Guide 3E


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New Zealand Legal Method Handbook

More than a conventional textbook, New Zealand Legal Method Handbook is a complete, easy-to-read introduction written with a focus on student learning. It brings the theory to life with plenty of work..

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New Zealand Legal System, The: Structures & Processes (6 Ed)
New Zealand Will Kit: Create Your Own Legally Effective Will

Making a will is a vital and responsible task but is often put off because the process appears so complicated. The New Zealand Will Kit sets out to change that. It itemises in clear, easy language wha..

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New Zealand's Mental Health Act in Practice

The Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act turns 21 this year - how is it used, and does it need to change? New Zealand's Mental Health Act in Practice constitutes a thorough, non-gov..

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NZ Employment Law Guide 2019


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Online Courts and the Future of Justice

In Online Courts and the Future of Justice, Richard Susskind, the world's most cited author on the future of legal services, shows how litigation will be transformed by technology and proposes a solut..

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Personal Property Securities Act 1999 : Act & Analysis

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the history, scope and features of the Personal Property Securities Act 1999. The work also provides section-by-section commentary on the Act, the Pe..

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Philosophy of Law: A Very Short Introduction

The concept of law lies at the heart of our social and political life. Legal philosophy, or jurisprudence, explores the notion of law and its role in society, illuminating its meaning and its relation..

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Planning Practice in New Zealand

Planning Practice in New Zealand is the first text which provides an up-to-date and comprehensive discussion of the practical issues and challenges faced the application of planning law in New Zealand..

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Practical Guide to the Land Transfer Act, A

The Land Transfer Act is at the heart of conveyancing law and practice, a field in which many lawyers - both specialist and generalist - work. This book is a rapid-response, practical guide to the imp..

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Principles of Civil Procedure 3E

Principles of Civil Procedure (3rd edition) provides a clear and concise overview of the principles, themes and practical requirements that underpin the system of civil procedure in New Zealand. rinci..

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Principles of Criminal Law (5th edition)


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Principles of Criminal Law 4E

This well-established title continues to be the only textbook offering in-depth analysis of criminal law in New Zealand. Incorporating major changes to case law and legislation since 2007, the new edi..

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Principles of Law for New Zealand Business Students 5E

Principles of Law for New Zealand Business Students is designed for students of the commercial law paper in the New Zealand Diploma in Business and those taking introductory law courses for business d..

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Principles of Real Property Law

The 2nd edition of Principles of Real Property Law is a thorough revision of the commentary in Hinde, McMorland and Sim: Land Law in New Zealand. Content has been selected with reference to the syllab..

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Questions & Answers : Contract Law 3E


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Relationship Property in New Zealand 3E

Relationship property is a core feature of the law of domestic relationships. Major case law at the highest levels continues to develop the rules. It is now the subject of a mammoth Law Commission pro..

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Resource Management (Butterworths Student Companion)

The second edition of Butterworths Student Companion: Resource Management contains concise summaries of the leading decisions that are covered in the study of Resource Management. This is an invaluabl..

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Rule of Law

'The Rule of Law' is a phrase much used but little examined. The idea of the rule of law as the foundation of modern states and civilisations has recently become even more talismanic than that of demo..

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Search for Certainty, The: Essays in Honour of John Smillie
Sentencing Law & Practice


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SNZ HB 8163: 2005 - Indicators for safe aged-care and dementia-care for consumers
Student Companion : Equity : Trusts and Wills, 4th Edition
Student Companion: Criminal Law

The sixth edition of Student Companion: Criminal Law contains concise summaries of leading New Zealand and international decisions that are covered in the study of criminal law at New Zealand universi..

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Student Companion: Public Law 6 Edn

The 6th edition of Student Companion: Public Law contains concise summaries of the leading decisions that are covered in the study of public law. This is an invaluable, easy-to-read reference tool for..

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Subordinate Legislation in New Zealand

Subordinate Legislation in New Zealand provides a specialist, comprehensive, and up-to-date coverage of subordinate legislation in New Zealand. New Zealand has a vast amount of delegated legislation, ..

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Taking Rights Seriously

A landmark work of political and legal philosophy, Ronald Dworkin's Taking Rights Seriously was acclaimed as a major work on its first publication in 1977 and remains profoundly influential in the 21s..

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Todd on Torts (8th Edition) [Law of Torts in New Zealand 8E]
Torts Law : Student Companion 7e

Student Companion: Torts contains concise and witty summaries of leading New Zealand and international decisions which have shaped the law of torts. Written by Geoff McLay, this book is designed ..

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Understanding Company Law (4th Edition)

Providing an excellent balance between theory, case law and practice, Understanding Company Law covers the essential concepts of company law, business organisations, financial markets, takeovers and c..

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Waitangi & Indigenous Rights


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Whos Afraid of International Law?

Is there such a thing as an 'international law' of which to be afraid? Can international law be seen as a coherent set of norms? Or is it, rather, something experienced radically differently by differ..

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Wrongful Allegations of Sexual and Child Abuse

Wrongful Allegations of Sexual and Child Abuse fills a gap for an authoritative and considered text focused on false accusations of recent or historical abuse, both as a miscarriage of justice and as ..

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