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Crossing the Lines: The story of three homosexual New Zealand soldiers in WWII

In Crossing the Lines, Brent Coutts brings to light the previously untold history of New Zealand homosexual soldiers in World War II, drawing on the experiences of ordinary men who lived through extra..

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Forgotten Anzacs: the Campaign in Greece, 1941

This is the largely unknown story of another Anzac force, which fought not at Gallipoli, but in Greece, during World War II. Desperately outnumbered and fighting in deeply inhospitable conditions, th..

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Front Line: Images of New Zealanders in the Second World War, The

A landmark book exploring New Zealand's second world war effort through over 800 photographs, many never before published and many live-action shots taken by those at the front. The images span No..

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Into the Unknown: Secret WWI Diary of Kiwi Alick Trafford No. 25/469

A personal account of WWI from the diaries of a Gisborne farm boy, shaped into a gripping narrative by the diarist's grandson 100 years later. Follow Alick as he moves from his last night on the farm ..

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Maori Weapons: In Pre-European New Zealand

Here is a full inventory of traditional Maori weapons with all the available written information about traditional weapons collected into one concise volume. The book provides complete cultural and te..

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Our First Foreign War: The impact of the South African War 1899-1902 on New Zealand

Foreshadowing our unseemly haste to fight for King and Country in 1914, New Zealanders were enthusiastic supporters of the colonial war between Britain and the Boers when it was declared in 1899. ..

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Searching For Charlie: In Pursuit of the Real Charles Upham VC & Bar

Charles Upham was the most highly decorated soldier in the Commonwealth forces of WWII, and could arguably be called the bravest soldier of the war. An unassuming stock worker/ valuer at the beginning..

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Soldiers, Scouts and Spies

A pivotal period in our history, the New Zealand Wars changed the nation forever. Yet there is often little understanding of how they were fought. Maori adopted western weapons and evolved their tacti..

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Tutu Te Puehu: New Perspectives On The New Zealand Wars
With Them Through Hell: New Zealand Medical Services in the First World War

For New Zealanders, the First World War was not just a grueling conflict but also the nation's biggest health challenge. Military personnel had to deal with horrific injuries caused by high velocity b..

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