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History - Europe

1939: A People's History

In the autumn of 1938, Europe believed in the promise of peace. Still reeling from the ravages of the Great War, its people were desperate to rebuild their lives in a newly safe and stable era. But on..

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After the Fall

Tobias Buck arrived in Madrid in December 2012, in time to celebrate the bleakest Christmas the city had seen in a generation. Capital and country were reeling from a series of economic shocks that ha..

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All Against All: The long Winter of 1933 and the Origins of the Second World War

During a single winter, between November 1932 and April 1933, so much went wrong: Hitler came to power; Japan invaded Jehol and left the league of Nations; Mussolini looked towards Africa; Roosevelt w..

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Ancestral Journeys: The Peopling of Europe from the First Venturers to the Vikings

Who are the Europeans? Where did they come from? In recent years scientific advances have yielded a mass of new data, turning cherished ideas upside down. The idea of migration in prehistory, so long ..

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Archaeological Study of the Bayeux Tapestry: The Landscapes, Buildings and Places

'An Archaeological Study of the Bayeux Tapestry' provides a unique re-examination of this famous piece of work through the historical geography and archaeology of the tapestry. Trevor Rowley is the fi..

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Arms Crisis of 1970, The: The Plot that Never Was

A serious, revisionist history of the most notorious court case in postwar Irish history: two Irish cabinet ministers, alongside an army officer and other figures, were accused by the Taoiseach of smu..

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Battle of the Four Courts: The First Three Days of the Irish Civil War

A meticulous reconstruction of those three summer days that ignited the Irish Civil War in 1922 - the defining event of modern Irish politics. A meticulous, compellingly readable reconstruction..

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Beautiful Fall: Fashion, Genius and Glorious Excess in 1970s Paris

In 1950s Paris, Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld were friends, the rising stars of the fashion world. But by the late sixties, the city was invaded by a new mood of liberation and hedonism, and d..

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Beauty and the Terror, The

The Italian Renaissance shaped western culture - but it was far stranger and darker than many of us realise. We revere Leonardo for his art but few now appreciate his ingenious designs for weapo..

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Betrayal in Berlin: George Blake, the Berlin Tunnel and the Greatest Conspiracy of the Cold War

'Riveting and vivid ... At the heart of the book is Blake's own remarkable story, which Vogel tells with some sympathy, if not approval. It reads like a Hollywood screenplay' Foreign Affairs ..

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Brief History of Portugal, A

This is a comprehensive history of Portugal that covers the whole span, from the Stone Age to today. An introduction provides an understanding of geographical and climatic issues, before an examinatio..

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Brief History of the Mediterranean, A

A wonderfully concise and readable, yet comprehensive, history of the Mediterranean Sea, the perfect companion for any visitor -- or indeed, anyone compelled to stay at home. 'The grand obj..

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Caesar's Footprints: Journeys to Roman Gaul

A thrilling sequence of journeys across France in the footsteps of Caesar and his successors, revealing how the Romans changed the face of France, and of Europe, forever. In the 50s BC, Julius..

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Checkpoint Charlie: The Cold War, the Berlin Wall and the Most Dangerous Place on Earth

'With a gripping narrative and vivid interviews with those on all sides whose lives were directly affected by that grim symbol of the East-West divide that poisoned Europe for almost half a century, [..

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Checkpoint Charlie: The Cold War, the Berlin Wall and the Most Dangerous Place on Earth

On August 13 1961, work started on erecting an eleven-foot-high concrete barrier that would ultimately cost a billion dollars and would come to serve as the physical and symbolic division between East..

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Chernobyl Prayer: A Chronicle of the Future

The startling history of the Chernobyl disaster by Svetlana Alexievich, the winner of the Nobel prize in literature 2015 - A new translation by Anna Gunin and Arch Tait based on the revised text - On..

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Chernobyl: History of a Tragedy

On the morning of 26 April 1986 Europe witnessed the worst nuclear disaster in history- the explosion of a reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Soviet Ukraine. The outburst put the world on..

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The 'conquistadores', the early explorers and settlers of Spanish America, have become the stuff of legends and nightmares. In their own time, they were glorified as heroic adventurers, spreading Chri..

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Crew, The

The intimate telling of the life of an Avro Lancaster crew during World War Two, bringing together the story of this iconic RAF bomber and its service with the lives of those who flew her. A mo..

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Crusaders: An Epic History of the Wars for the Holy Lands

A history of the Crusades. From the bestselling author of The Templars . 'Voyages, battles, sieges and slaughter: Dan Jones's tumultuous and thrilling history of the crusades is one of th..

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Danubia: A Personal History of Habsburg Europe

For centuries much of Europe was in the hands of the very peculiar Habsburg family. An unstable mixture of wizards, obsessives, melancholics, bores, musicians and warriors, they saw off - through luck..

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Day After the Revolution, The

One hundred years after the Russian Revolution, i ek shows why Lenin's thought is still important todayV. I. Lenin's originality and importance as a revolutionary leader is most often associated with..

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Decoding the Bayeux Tapestry: The Secrets of History's Most Famous Embriodery Hiden in Plain Sight

The story of the Norman Conquest and the Battle of Hastings as shown in the Bayeux Tapestry is arguably the most widely-known in the entire panoply of English history, and over the last 200 years ther..

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Eight Days at Yalta: How Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin Shaped the Post-War World

Meticulously researched and vividly written, Eight Days at Yalta is a remarkable work of intense historical drama. In the last winter of the Second World War, Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roose..

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Europe Against the Jews, 1880-1945

The Holocaust was perpetrated by the Germans, but it would not have been possible without the assistance of thousands of helpers in other countries: state officials, police, and civilians who eagerly ..

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Europeans, The: Three Lives and the Making of a Cosmopolitan Culture

The Europeans is a richly enthralling, panoramic cultural history of nineteenth-century Europe, told through the intertwined lives of three remarkable people- a great singer, Pauline Viardot, a great ..

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Exploring the Book of Kells

A beautiful and simple introduction to the Book of Kells, one of the world's most famous illuminated manuscripts, with a newly-expanded colour plate section. Here George Otto Simms, a world..

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First They Took Rome: How the Populist Right Conquered Italy

It is difficult for Italians to have much faith in the future. The last Labour Minister said it was a good thing if young people emigrated, to stop them `getting under our feet'; one recent Prime Mini..

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First to Fight: The Polish War 1939

'This deeply researched, very well-written and penetrating book will be the standard work on the subject for many years to come' - Andrew Roberts, author of Churchill- Walking with Destiny The Se..

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French Revolution and What Went Wrong, The

An entertaining and eye-opening look at the French Revolution, by Stephen Clarke, author of 1000 Years of Annoying the French and A Year in the Merde. The French Revolution and What Went Wrong l..

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Gates of Europe: A History of Ukraine, The

'An indispensable guide to the tragic history of a great European nation' (David Blair Sunday Telegraph) Located at the western edge of the Eurasian steppe, Ukraine has long been the meeting place o..

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GCHQ: Centenary Edition

A gripping exploration of the last great unknown realm of the British secret service: Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ). GCHQ is the largest and most secretive intelligence organisat..

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Germany: Memories of a Nation

From Neil MacGregor, the author of A History of the World in 100 Objects, this is a view of Germany like no other. For the past 140 years, Germany has been the central power in continental Europe. Twe..

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Goering: The Iron Man

Published in the Bloomsbury Revelations series and featuring a new preface by the author, this classic biography by acclaimed historian Richard Overy takes the reader on a chilling journey into the he..

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Golden Maze: A biography of Prague, The

Beloved ABC broadcaster and bestselling author of Ghost Empire and Saga Land, Richard Fidler is back with a personally curated history of the magical city that is Prague. In 1989, Richard Fidle..

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Good Germans, The

After 1933, as the brutal terror regime took hold, most of the two-thirds of Germans who had never voted for the Nazis - some 20 million people - tried to keep their heads down and protect their famil..

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Gulag Archipelago


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Half the Perfect World: Writers, Dreamers and Drifters on Hydra: 1955-1964

`Their years in the Aegean may have been half perfect at best, but it was on Hydra that they connected to a place, a lifestyle and a community that allowed them to live and express themselves intensel..

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Hitler Conspiracies:  Third Reich and the Paranoid Imagination

The idea that nothing happens by chance in history, that nothing is quite what it seems to be at first sight, that everything that occurs is the result of the secret machinations of malign groups of p..

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Hitler's Germany: The Birth of Extremism

Germany's defeat in the First World War and the Treaty of Versailles that followed were national disasters, with far-reaching consequences not just for the country but for the world itself. Weavi..

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Hitler: Only the World Was Enough

Adolf Hitler is one of the most studied men in history, and yet the most important things we think we know about him are wrong. As Brendan Simms' major new biography shows, Hitler's main preoccupation..

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Infiltrators: The Lovers Who Led Germany's Resistance Against the Nazis, The

'An astonishing story... brilliantly told' - Antony Beevor Summertime, 1935. On a lake near Berlin, a young man is out sailing when he glimpses a woman reclining in the prow of a passing boat. Th..

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Ireland's Forgotten Past:  History of the Overlooked and Disremembered

Why did the Romans never try to conquer Ireland? Why did the King of Spain give his name to an Irish county? And how did brandy change the course of Irish history? Turtle Bunbury explores unexpected c..

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King and Emperor: New Life of Charlemagne

Charles, King of the Franks, is one of the most remarkable figures ever to rule a European super-state. That is why he is so often called 'Charles the Great'- by the French 'Charlemagne', and by the G..

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Last King Of Poland

A superb study of one of the most important, romantic and dynamic figures of European history. 'A fine book ... the web of political intrigue unfolds like an appetising detective novel' Scotsman ..

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Learning from the Germans: Confronting Race and the Memory of Evil

What can we learn from the past in order to move forward?Susan Neiman's Learning from the Germans delivers an urgently needed perspective on how a country can come to terms with its historical wrongdo..

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Left Bank: Art, Passion and the Rebirth of Paris 1940-1950

'Rich and funny' Julian Barnes, Guardian 'Poirier's hugely enjoyable, quick-witted and richly anecdotal book is magnifique' The Times A captivating portrait of those who lived, loved, fought..

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Lives Reclaimed: A Story of Rescue and Resistance in Nazi Germany

Lives Reclaimed tells an extraordinary story of resistance against the Nazi regime and help for Jews in the Third Reich. Still largely unknown today, 'The Bund' were a small left-wing group based in G..

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Lost Kingdom: A History of Russian Nationalism from Ivan the Great to Vladimir Putin

In 2014, Russia annexed Crimea and attempted to seize a portion of Ukraine. While the world watched in outrage, this violation of national sovereignty was in fact only the latest iteration of a centur..

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Lotharingia: A Personal History of Europe's Lost Country

From the bestselling author of Germania, Lotharinigia is the third installment in Simon Winder's personal history of Europe. In 843 AD, the three surviving grandsons of the great emperor Charlem..

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