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Alexander the Great : Anabasis & the Indica : Oxford World's Classics

'He was a man like no other man has ever been' So Arrian sums up the career of Alexander the Great of Macedon (356-323 BC), who in twelve years that changed the world led his army in conquest of a va..

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Alexandria:  Quest for the Lost City

For centuries the city of Alexandria Beneath the Mountains was a meeting point of East and West. Then it vanished. In 1833 it was discovered in Afghanistan by the unlikeliest person imaginable: Charle..

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Cleopatra: The Queen who Challenged Rome and Conquered Eternity

One of Italy's most revered cultural figures reconstructs the extraordinary life of the legendary Cleopatra at the height of her power in this epic story of passion, intrigue, betrayal, and war. ..

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Confronting the Classics : Traditions, Adventures and Innovations

Mary Beard is one of the world's best-known classicists - a brilliant academic, with a rare gift for communicating with a wide audience both though her books and TV presenting. In a series of sparklin..

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Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World

The Darkening Age is the largely unknown story of how a militant religion comprehensively and deliberately extinguished the teachings of the Classical world, ushering in centuries of unquestioning adh..

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Imperial Tragedy: From Constantine's Empire to the Destruction of Roman Italy AD 363-568

For centuries, Rome was one of the world's largest imperial powers, its influence spread across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle-East, its military force successfully fighting off attacks by the P..

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Last Assassin

'A gripping history' Mary Beard 'A political thriller, and a human story that astonishes' Hilary Mantel 'Atmospheric and gripping, and [his] scholarship is impeccable' Greg Woolf ..

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Master and His Emissary, The: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World

A new edition of the bestselling classic - published with a special introduction to mark its 10th anniversary This pioneering account sets out to understand the structure of the human brain - th..

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Mighty Dead: Why Homer Matters

Longlisted for the 2014 Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction 'A thrilling and complex book, enlarges our view of Homer ...There's something that hits the mark on every page' Claire Tomalin, Books of t..

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Ovid: A  Very Short Introduction

"Vivam" is the very last word of Ovid's masterpiece, the Metamorphoses: "I shall live." If we're still reading it two millennia after Ovid's death, this is by definition a remarkably accurate prophecy..

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SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome

Sunday Times Top 10 Bestseller Shortlisted for a British Book Industry Book of the Year Award 2016 The new series Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limit is on BBC2 now Ancient Rome matters. Its histo..

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Thebes: The Forgotten City of Ancient Greece

'An incisive, inspiring and vitally illuminating account of a city which changed the ancient world and which deserves to be remembered by the modern. A masterful book written by a master historian.' -..

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