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30-Second Ancient Greece

We think of Ancient Greece as the birthplace of democracy and a breeding ground for pioneering philosophers, but what was life really like in a Greek city-state? Who could vote in an election in Athen..

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Alexander the Great : Anabasis & the Indica : Oxford World's Classics

'He was a man like no other man has ever been' So Arrian sums up the career of Alexander the Great of Macedon (356-323 BC), who in twelve years that changed the world led his army in conquest of a va..

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Ancient Rome on Five Denarii a Day


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Barbarians: Rebellion and Resistance to the Roman Empire

A fresh new look at the Roman Empire, from the point of view of those regarded by the Romans as 'barbarians'. Kershaw builds a narrative around the lives, personalities, successes and failures both of..

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Before & After Alexander

Before and After Alexander is an invaluable addition to our understanding of this historic figure's legacy, as Billows challenges the myth of Alexander the Great as a pioneer and visionary. He argues ..

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Cities of the Classical World: An Atlas and Gazetteer of 120 Centres of Ancient Civilization

From Alexandria to York, this unique illustrated guide shows us the great centres of classical civilization afresh.The book's key feature is 120 specially-drawn maps tracing each city's thoroughfares ..

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Confronting the Classics : Traditions, Adventures and Innovations

Mary Beard is one of the world's best-known classicists - a brilliant academic, with a rare gift for communicating with a wide audience both though her books and TV presenting. In a series of sparklin..

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Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World

The Darkening Age is the largely unknown story of how a militant religion comprehensively and deliberately extinguished the teachings of the Classical world, ushering in centuries of unquestioning adh..

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Roman emperors, Arab scholars, and early travellers were already drawn to and enchanted by the fascination of the land along the Nile. The pyramids of Giza, the temple-city of Karnak, or the Valley of..

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Fate of Rome: Climate, Disease, and the End of an Empire

How climate change and disease helped to bring down the Roman Empire Here is the monumental retelling of one of the most consequential chapters of human history: the fall of the Roman Empire. The..

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Histories of the Unexpected: The Romans

At Histories of the Unexpected, we believe that everything has a history - even the most unexpected of subjects - and that everything links together in unexpected ways. We believe that the histor..

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Imperial Triumph: The Roman World from Hadrian to Constantine

Imperial Triumph presents the history of Rome at the height of its imperial power. Beginning with the reign of Hadrian in Rome and ending with the death of Julian the Apostate on campaign in Persia, i..

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Letters From A Stoic


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Mighty Dead: Why Homer Matters

Longlisted for the 2014 Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction 'A thrilling and complex book, enlarges our view of Homer ...There's something that hits the mark on every page' Claire Tomalin, Books of t..

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Persian War: A Military History

The victory of a few Greek city-states over the world's first superpower was an extraordinary military feat that secured the future of western civilization. All modern accounts of the war as a whole, ..

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Scythians: Nomad Warriors of the Steppe

Brilliant horsemen and great fighters, the Scythians were nomadic horsemen who ranged wide across the grasslands of the Asian steppe from the Altai mountains in the east to the Great Hungarian Plain i..

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Sons of Caesar: Imperial Rome's First Dynasty

At the heart of this history of the Julio-Claudian dynasty are the lives of six men - Julius Caesar, Augustus, Tiberius, Gaius Caligula, Claudius and Nero - men who mastered Rome and changed it from a..

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SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome

Sunday Times Top 10 Bestseller Shortlisted for a British Book Industry Book of the Year Award 2016 The new series Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limit is on BBC2 now Ancient Rome matters. Its histo..

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Ten Caesars: Roman Emperors from Augustus to Constantine

Bestselling classical historian Barry Strauss delivers "an exceptionally accessible history of the Roman Empire...much of Ten Caesars reads like a script for Game of Thrones" (The Wall Street Journal)..

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The Plague of War: Athens, Sparta, and the Struggle for Ancient Greece

In 431 BC, the long simmering rivalry between the city-states of Athens and Sparta erupted into open warfare, and for more than a generation the two were locked in a life-and-death struggle. The war e..

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Thermopylae: Great Battles

During the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC, a Greek force of approximately 7,000 faced the biggest army ever seen in the Greek peninsula. For three days, the Persians--the greatest miltary force in th..

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Vox Populi: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Classical World but Were Afraid to Ask

In this compelling tour of the classical world, Peter Jones reveals how it is the power, scope and fascination of their ideas that makes the Ancient Greeks and Romans so important and influential toda..

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