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History - Britain

Anglo-Saxons, The: A History of the Beginnings of England

From the acclaimed historian and broadcaster Marc Morris comes a gripping new book about one of the most important and turbulent periods in English history- the Anglo-Saxons. Sixteen hundred yea..

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Battle of Mount Badon, Ambrosius, Arthur and the defence of Britain, The
Blitz Spirit: Voices of Britain Living Through Crisis, 1939-1945

'What extraordinary voices of Britain living through crisis! A brilliant testament to resilience.' Anne Glenconner 'A stirring and evocative account of life on the home front. Full of surpr..

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Blood of the Celts:  New Ancestral Story

The heritage of the Celts turns up from Portugal to Romania, from Scotland to Spain. Yet debate continues about who exactly were the Celts, where ultimately they came from, and whether the modern Celt..

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Border: The Legacy of a Century of Anglo-Irish Politics, The

'Anyone who wishes to understand why Brexit is so intractable should read this book. I can think of several MPs who ought to.' - The Times For the past two decades, you could cross the border bet..

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Bosworth 1485: The Downfall of Richard III

The battle of Bosworth was the culmination of the War of the Roses, the dynastic struggle between the houses of York and Lancaster that dominated England in the second half of the 15th century. Edward..

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Britain Alone: The Path from Suez to Brexit

How might we celebrate Britain's undoubted strengths while accepting that we have slipped from the top table? How can we act as a great nation while no longer pretending to be a great power? How might..

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Britain's War: Into Battle, 1937-1941  (USA HB edition)

Great Britain's refusal to yield to Nazi Germany in the Second World War remains one of the greatest survival stories of modern times. Commemorated, evoked, and mythologized as it has been-chiseled an..

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Cathedrals of Steam: How London's Great Stations Were Built - And How They Transformed the City

London hosts a dozen major railway stations, more than any comparable city. King's Cross, St Pancras, Euston, Marylebone, Paddington, Victoria, Charing Cross, Cannon Street, Waterloo, London Bridge, L..

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Common People: The History of an English Family

This book is short listed for the 2014 Samuel Johnson Prize 'Part detective story, part Dickensian saga, part labour history. "A thrilling and unnerving read." (Observer). "Mesmeric and deeply moving...

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Covent Garden Ladies:  book that inspired BBC2's 'Harlots'

***By the No. 1 Sunday Times bestselling author of THE FIVE*** 'A fascinating expose of the seamy side of eighteenth century life' MAIL ON SUNDAY 'Rubenhold's pages practically reek with smelly, ..

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Crichel Boys, The: Scenes from England's Last Literary Salon

In 1945, Eddy Sackville-West, Desmond Shawe-Taylor and Eardley Knollys - writers for the New Statesman and a National Trust administrator - purchased Long Crichel House, an old rectory with no electri..

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Dominion: A History of England Volume V

The penultimate volume of Peter Ackroyd's masterful History of England series, Dominion begins in 1815 as national glory following the Battle of Waterloo gives way to post-war depression, spanning the..

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Don't Look Back In Anger

The nineties was the decade when British culture reclaimed its position at the artistic centre of the world. Not since the 'Swinging Sixties' had art, comedy, fashion, film, football, literature and m..

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England Your England: Notes on a Nation

Ranging from an expedition down a coal mine to a chastening experience of colonial rule in Burma, and from a witty study of murder reportage in the British tabloids to a grim account of life inside a ..

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England's Witchcraft Trials

Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. With the echo of that chilling injunction hundreds were accused and tried for witchcraft across England throughout the 16th and 17th centuries. With fear an..

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Fens, The Discovering England's Ancient Depths

A personal, historical journey across one of the most mysterious regions of England, exploring its archaeology, history and landscapes. A BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week. 'Francis Pryor bring..

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First Kingdom: Britain in the age of Arthur, the

An investigation of the obscure centuries that followed the departure of the Romans from Britain. The bestselling author of The King in the North turns his attention to the obscure era of ..

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Glamour Boys, The

A STORY OF UNSUNG BRAVERY AT A DEFINING MOMENT IN BRITAIN'S HISTORY 'Superb' Stephen Fry 'Thrillingly told' Dan Jones 'Fascinating' Neil MacGregor 'Astonishing' Peter Frankopan We like..

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Gresham's Law: The Life and World of Queen Elizabeth I's Banker

Thomas Gresham was arguably the first true wizard of global finance. He rose through the mercantile worlds of London and Antwerp to become the hidden power behind three out of the five Tudor monarchs...

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Gresham's Law: The Life and World of Queen Elizabeth I's Banker

In this biography of Sir Thomas Gresham, Dr John Guy draws on hitherto overlooked primary sources to give a fuller picture of one of the men who made London the financial centre of the planet. He reve..

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Highland Clans

The story of the Highland clans is a gripping one, full of celebrated names and heroic deeds. It is also, as Alistair Moffat reveals, the story of a fearless people, shaped by the unique traditions an..

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Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses and the Rise of the Tudors

The fifteenth century experienced the longest and bloodiest series of civil wars in British history. The crown of England changed hands violently five times as the great families of England fought to ..

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Hollow Places: An Unusual History of Land and Legend

'Impossible to summarise and delightfully absorbing, Hadley's book is comfortably the most unexpected history book of the year' Sunday Times A luminous journey through a thousand years of folklor..

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In the Land of Giants

The five centuries between the end of Roman Britain (410) and the death of Alfred the Great (899) have left few voices save a handful of chroniclers, but Britain's 'Dark Ages' can still be explored th..

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In the Reign of King John:  Year in the Life of Plantagenet England

An illustrated portrait of English society in the year of Magna Carta, from best-selling author Dan Jones. A vivid and richly illustrated portrait of English society in the penultimate year of..

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Interest, The:  How the British Establishment Resisted the Abolition of Slavery

For two hundred years, the abolition of slavery in Britain has been a cause for self-congratulation - but no longer. In 1807, Parliament outlawed the slave trade in the British Empire, but for ..

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King is Dead, The

An account of the creation, impact and legacy of one of the most important documents of the Tudor period - the last will and testament of Henry VIII. On 28 January 1547, the sickly and obese K..

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Last Princess: The Devoted Life of Queen Victoria's Youngest Daughter, The

An evocative telling of the life of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's last-born child, and of a sometimes fraught royal mother-daughter relationship. Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore, later..

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Lee Miller's War: Beyond D-Day

Lee Miller's work for Vogue from 1941-1945 sets her apart as a photographer and writer of extraordinary ability. The quality of her photography from the period has long been recognized as outstanding,..

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Legacy: One Family, a Cup of Tea and the Company that Took On the World

'I was riveted- this is a fascinating social history.' NIGELLA LAWSON'Five stars... history on a scale at once intimate and grand.' TELEGRAPHA panoramic new history of modern Britain, as told through ..

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Love in the Blitz: The Greatest Lost Love Letters of the Second World War

When the papers say that people in London are behaving normally, they're telling the truth. Everyone is pretending as hard as possible that nothing is happening ... I don't think Hitler will destroy L..

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Love Letters of Kings and Queens

Tender, moving, heartfelt and warm (and sporadically scandalous and outrageous too), these are the private messages between people in love. Yet they are also correspondence between the rulers of natio..

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Making Sense of the Troubles: A History of the Northern Ireland Conflict

First published ten years ago, Making Sense of the Troubles is widely regarded as the most comprehensive, considered and compassionate history of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Written by a disting..

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Mudlarking: Lost and Found on the River Thames

'Fascinating. Mudlarks are river scavengers, but Lara Maiklem is more like a time traveller' Guardian Mudlark (/'mAdla;k/) noun A person who scavenges for usable debris in the mud of a river or h..

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Oh Happy Day: Those Times and These Times

Carmen Callil explores her roots in a book that is a miracle of research and whose writing is fuelled by righteous anger - a story of Empire, migration and the poverty and injustice of nineteenth-cent..

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Orcadia: Land, Sea and Stone in Neolithic Orkney

An account of the prehistory and archaeology of the Orkney archipelago - a fusion of archaeological, historical and topographic writing. The Orcadian archipelago is a museum of archaeological ..

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People's Tragedy: Studies in Reformation

As an authority on the religion of medieval and early modern England, Eamon Duffy is preeminent. In his revisionist masterpiece The Stripping of the Altars, Duffy opened up new areas of research and e..

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Prince Albert: The Man Who Saved the Monarchy

For more than six decades, Queen Victoria ruled a great Empire at the height of its power. Beside her for more than twenty of those years was the love of her life, her trusted husband and father of th..

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Providence Lost: The Rise and Fall of Cromwell's Protectorate

The story of the rise and fall of Oliver Cromwell's Protectorate (1653-9), England's sole experiment in republican government - and one of the most extraordinary but neglected periods in British histo..

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Queen Victoria's Matchmaking: The Royal Marriages that Shaped Europe

A captivating exploration of the role in which Queen Victoria exerted most international power and influence: her role as matchmaking grandmother. In the late nineteenth century, Queen Victoria..

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Rag and Bone:  History of What We've Thrown Away

'Beautiful, like a muddy journey through time . . . a really important book' RAYNOR WINN, author of The Salt Path Lisa Woollett has spent her life combing beaches and mudlarking, collectin..

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Red Prince: The Life of John of Gaunt, the Duke of Lancaster, The

A TIMES AND SUNDAY TIMES BEST BOOK OF 2021 'The Red Prince announces Helen Carr as one of the most exciting new voices in narrative history.' Dan Jones Son of Edward III, brother..

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Royal Greenwich: A History in Kings and Queens


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SAS Great Escapes

SAS Great Escapes tells the story of seven of the most dramatic and daring escapes executed during WWII by what is arguably the world's most famous military fighting force - the SAS. With e..

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Say Nothing: A True Story Of Murder and Memory In Northern Ireland


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Scoff: A History of Food and Class in Britain

Avocado or beans on toast? Gin or claret? Nut roast or game pie? Milk in first or milk in last? And do you have tea, dinner or supper in the evening? In this fascinating social history of food in..

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Scotland: A History from Earliest Times

From the Ice Age to the recent Scottish Referendum, historian and author Alistair Moffat explores the history of the Scottish nation. As well as focusing on key moments in the nation's history such as..

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Seasons in the Sun: The Battle for Britain, 1974-1979

The late 1970s were Britain's years of strife and the good life. They saw inflation, riots, the peak of trade union power - and also the birth of home computers, the rise of the ready meal and the tri..

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Short History of London: The Creation of a World Capital, A

LONDON- a settlement founded by the Romans, occupied by the Saxons, conquered by the Danes and ruled by the Normans. This unremarkable place - not even included in the Domesday Book - became a medieva..

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Shortest History of England, The

With the British Empire gone, Brexit looming and the break-up of the United Kingdom a possibility, there's no better time to discover the true history of England. In the latest addition to the..

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