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History - Asia

1421 The Year China Discovered the World

On 8 March 1421, the largest fleet the world had ever seen set sail from China. The ships, some nearly five hundred feet long, were under the command of Emperor Zhu Di's loyal eunuch admirals. Their m..

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A Not-So-Distant Horror: Mass Violence in East Timor

On August 30, 1999, in a United Nations-sponsored ballot, East Timor voted for independence from Indonesia and for an end to a brutal military occupation. Upon the announcement of the result, Indonesi..

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Amazons: The Real Warrior Women of the Ancient World

Since the time of the ancient Greeks we have been fascinated by accounts of the Amazons, an elusive tribe of ruthless, hard-fighting, horse-riding female warriors. Equal to men in battle, legend has i..

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Another Darkness, Another Dawn: A History of Gypsies, Roma and Travellers

Gypsies, Roma and Travellers are some of the most marginalized and vilified people in society. They are rarely seen as having a place in a country, either geographically or socially, no matter where t..

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Balibo provides a unique account of the deaths of the five young television reporters who were killed by the Indonesian military as they filmed the advance of Indonesian infantry troops into the East ..

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Billion Voices: China's Search for a Common Language

Mandarin, Guoyu or Putonghua? 'Chinese' is a language known by many names, and China is a country home to many languages. Since the turn of the twentieth century linguists and politicians have been on..

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Blood and Silk: Power and Conflict in Modern Southeast Asia

Thought-provoking and eye-opening, BLOOD AND SILK is a first-hand account of what it's like to sit at the table with deadly Muslim insurgents, or in the front room of a notorious political warlord - a..

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Borrowed Spaces: Life Between the Cracks of Modern Hong Kong: Penguin Specials

Where have all the fishballs gone? From a journalist deeply attuned to the subtleties of Hong Kong life comes Borrowed Spaces, a chronicle of the ways in which the grassroots citizens of Hong Kong res..

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Burma '44: The Battle That Turned Britain's War in the East

"A thrilling blow-by-blow account". (The Times). In February 1944, a rag-tag collection of clerks, drivers, doctors, muleteers, and other base troops, stiffened by a few dogged Yorkshiremen and a hand..

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Cawnpore and Lucknow: A Tale of Two Sieges

Following the May 1857 uprising by sepoys in Meerut and Delhi, the whole future of the British Raj was in the balance. Nowhere was this better demonstrated than at Lucknow and Cawnpore. At the latt..

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Celestial Empire: Life in China, 1644-1911

Celestial Empire: Life in China, 1644-1911 provides a unique insight into the diversity of life in China during the last imperial dynasty. Through the lives of the Chinese people-from the Dowager Empr..

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China : A Cultural, Social & Political History (History of East Asia Series)

Designed for the East Asian history course, this text features the latest scholarship on the region and offers a range of cultural, political, economic and intellectual history. Coverage is balanced a..

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China at War: Triumph and Tragedy in the Emergence of the New China 1937-1952

China's War of Resistance against Japan, as WWII is known in China, was never about the defeat of Japan alone. China was also at war with itself. Between 1937 and 1949, a vicious revolutionary war bet..

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China Mirage: The Hidden History of American Disaster in Asia

In each of his books, James Bradley has exposed the hidden truths behind America's engagement in Asia. Now comes his most engossing work yet. Beginning in the 1850s, Bradley introduces us to the promi..

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China Mirage: The Hidden History of American Disaster in Asia
China: A History in Objects


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City of Protest: Penguin Specials

From the turbulent 1960s until today, Hong Kong has been a city shaped by civil disobedience. The latest wave of protests in Hong Kong's long history of public dissent culminated in the Occupy Central..

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Cultural Revolution: A People's History, 1962-1976

Acclaimed by the Daily Mail as 'definitive and harrowing' , this is the final volume of 'The People's Trilogy', begun by the Samuel Johnson prize-winning Mao's Great Famine. After the economic disaste..

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Cultural Revolution: A People's History, 1962-1976

After the economic disaster of the Great Leap Forward that claimed tens of millions of lives between 1958 and 1962, an ageing Mao launched an ambitious scheme to shore up his reputation and eliminate ..

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Dear Hong Kong: An Elegy For A City: Penguin Specials

Xu Xi's body of work witnesses her turbulent love affair with her home-city of Hong Kong. In this probing memoir, she unravels her recently finalised decision to leave the city for good. She critiques..

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Dear Leader: North Korea's Senior Propagandist Exposes Shocking Truths Behind the Regime

This is a Sunday Times Top 10 Bestseller. Dear Leader contains astonishing new insights about North Korea which could only be revealed by someone working high up in the regime. It is also the gripping..

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East Indies

East Indies follows the trade winds, the trade routes, and the port cities across the East Indies and the Orient. High finance, piracy, greed, ambition, double dealing, exploitation all is here. Drive..

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Easternisation: War and Peace in the Asian Century

LONGLISTED FOR THE ORWELL PRIZE 2017. The West's domination of world politics is coming to a close. The flow of wealth and power is turning from West to East and a new era of global instability has be..

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Empire of Tea: The Asian Leaf That Conquered the World

Tea has a rich and well-documented past. The beverage originated in Asia long before making its way to seventeenth-century London, where it became an exotic, highly sought after commodity. Over the su..

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Empires of the Silk Road: A History of Central Eurasia from the Bronze Age to the Present

The first complete history of Central Eurasia from ancient times to the present day, Empires of the Silk Road represents a fundamental rethinking of the origins, history, and significance of this majo..

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Generation HK: Seeking Identity in China's Shadow: Penguin Specials

Teenage activists turned politicians, multi-millionaire super tutors and artists fighting censorship - these are the stories of Generation HK. From radically different backgrounds yet with a common le..

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Genghis Khan: The Man Who Conquered the World

Genghis Khan was by far the greatest conqueror the world has ever known, whose empire stretched from the Pacific Ocean to central Europe, including all of China, the Middle East and Russia. So how did..

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Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot: The True Story of the Tyrant Who Created North Korea and the Young Lieutenant Who Stole His Way to Freedom

An ambitious and gripping exploration of the world's most secretive state through the intertwined lives of two North Koreans, one infamous, one obscure: Kim Il Sung, the former North Korean leader and..

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2015 is the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima, when, at 8.15am, an atomic bomb was dropped over the Japanese city, killing one hundred thousand men, women and children in its white fury. John Hersey's spa..

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When the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in August 1945, killing 100,000 men, women and children, a new era in human history opened. Written only a year after the disaster, John Hersey brou..

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History of  Southeast Asia

A History of Southeast Asia narrates the history of the region from earliest recorded times until today, covering present-day Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the..

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In Manchuria: A Village Called Wasteland and the Transformation of Rural China

In the tradition of In Patagonia and Great Plains, Michael Meyer's In Manchuria is a scintillating combination of memoir, contemporary reporting, and historical research, presenting a unique profile o..

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In Manchuria: A Village Called Wasteland and the Transformation of Rural China

In the tradition of In Patagonia and Great Plains, Michael Meyer's In Manchuria is a scintillating combination of memoir, contemporary reporting, and historical research, presenting a unique profile o..

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Incarnations: A History of India in 50 Lives

'Incarnations makes the mind fly across time, place and history. You may smile as, mentally, you walk alongside Khilnani up some flinty slope. You will keep thinking about what he said long after' Dai..

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India After Gandhi: The History of the World's Largest Democracy

Born against a background of privation and civil war, divided along lines of caste, class, language and religion, independent India emerged, somehow, as a united and democratic country. Ramachandra Gu..

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India Conquered: Britain's Raj and the Chaos of Empire

`The core of the book is a virtuoso takedown of cherished shibboleths of Raj mythology' Financial Times `A forceful reminder that Britain has its own messy past to come to terms with' Guardian In the..

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India: A Short History

In ten incisive chapters Andrew Robinson provides a clear focus to each segment of the unfolding story of Indian history, from the remarkable cities of the Indus Valley civilization four millennia ago..

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India: Picador Classic

With an introduction from Paul Theroux V.S. Naipaul first visited India in 1962 at twenty-nine. His most recent visit was in 2015 at eighty-two. The intervening years and visits sparked by an inquisi..

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Inglorious Empire: What the British Did to India

Tells the real story of the British in India - from the arrival of the East India Company to the end of the Raj - and reveals how Britain's rise was built upon its plunder of India. In the eighteenth..

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Invitation-Only Zone: The True Story of North Korea's Abduction Project

During the 1970s and early 80s, dozens - perhaps hundreds - of Japanese civilians were kidnapped by North Korean commandos and forced to live in 'Invitation Only Zones', high-security detention-centre..

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Kim Jong-Il Production: The Incredible True Story of North Korea and the Most Audacious Kidnapping in History

This is a Kim Jong-Il Production by Paul Fischer - love, films and kidnapping in North Korea, the world's wildest regime. Before becoming the world's most notorious dictator, Kim Jong-Il ran North Kor..

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Making Japanese Citizens: Civil Society and the Mythology of the Shimin in Postwar Japan

"Making Japanese Citizens" is an expansive history of the activists, intellectuals, and movements that played a crucial role in shaping civil society and civic thought throughout the broad sweep of Ja..

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Making of India: The Untold Story of British Enterprise

The story of The Making of India begins in the seventeenth century, when a small seafaring island, one tenth the size of the Indian subcontinent, despatched sailing ships over 11,000 miles on a five-m..

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Mao's Great Famine: The History of China's Most Devastating Catastrophe, 1958-62

Winner of the BBC Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction 2011 Between 1958 and 1962, 45 million Chinese people were worked, starved or beaten to death. Mao Zedong threw his country into a frenzy with th..

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Midnight's Descendants: South Asia from Partition to the Present Day

An epic narrative history that compares and contrasts the fortunes of all the countries that make up South Asia. If British India had not been partitioned in 1947, its population would today be the wo..

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Modern South Asia: History, Culture, Political Economy

Drawing on the newest and most sophisticated historical research and scholarship in the field, Modern South Asia provides a challenging insight for those with an intellectual curiosity about the regio..

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Mongol Empire : Genghis Khan, His Heirs and the Founding of Modern China

Genghis Khan is one of history's immortals: a leader of genius, driven by an inspiring vision for peaceful world rule. Believing he was divinely protected, Genghis united warring clans to create a nat..

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Mongol Empire: Genghis Khan, His Heirs and the Founding of Modern China

Genghis Khan is one of history's immortals: a leader of genius, driven by an inspiring vision for peaceful world rule. Believing he was divinely protected, Genghis united warring clans to create a nat..

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Mr Selden's Map of China: The Spice Trade, a Lost Chart & the South China Sea

In 1659, a vast and unusual map of China arrived in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. It was bequeathed by John Selden, a London business lawyer, political activist, former convict, MP and the city's firs..

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Nine Lives: In Search of the Sacred in Modern India

A Buddhist monk takes up arms to resist the Chinese invasion of Tibet - then spends the rest of his life trying to atone for the violence by hand printing the best prayer flags in India. A Jain nun te..

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No Wall Too High: One Man's Extraordinary Escape from Mao's Infamous Labour Camps

It was one of the greatest prison breaks of all time, during one of the worst totalitarian tragedies of the 20th Century. Xu Hongci was an ordinary medical student when he was incarcerated under Mao's..

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