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 Home And Happiness Botanical Handbook, The

Infuse your home with herbal happiness using this book of ethical, empowering and eco-friendly botanical recipes. Whether you live in a small apartment, in a boat or a van, or in a spacious family ab..

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1 Minute Gardener


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100 Plants that Heal: The illustrated herbarium of medicinal plants

Discover 100 common medicinal plants and how to use them for healing and self-care with this sumptuously illustrated guide. Thanks to exceptional photographic plates showing detailed views of all p..

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Abundant Garden, The: A practical guide to growing a regenerative home garden,

Niva and Yotam Kay of Pakaraka Permaculture, on the Coromandel Peninsula of Aotearoa New Zealand, share their long experience of organic gardening in this comprehensive book on how to create and maint..

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Aesop's Animals: The Science Behind the Fables

Despite originating more than two-and-a-half thousand years ago, Aesop's Fables are still passed on from parent to child, and are embedded in our collective consciousness. The morals we have learned f..

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Agriculture and Horticulture in New Zealand

AN ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO NEW ZEALAND'S DYNAMIC AGRICULTURAL AND HORTICULTURAL INDUSTRY Written by experts from Massey University's School of Agriculture and Environment, this is an accessible an..

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American Gardens

Monty Don, Britain's treasured horticulturalist, explores iconic and little-known gardens throughout America. For decades, Britain's much-loved gardener Monty Don has been leading us down all kinds o..

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Apple Book, The

Rosie Sanders, often described as the best painter of the world's most famous fruit, has devoted years to researching this book and submitting the apples to hour upon hour of meticulous observation. I..

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Around the World in 80 Plants

In his follow-up to the bestselling Around the World in 80 Trees, Jonathan Drori takes another trip across the globe, bringing to life the science of plants by revealing how their worlds are intricate..

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Around the World in 80 Trees

Trees are one of humanity's most constant and most varied companions. From India's sacred banyan tree to the fragrant cedar of Lebanon, they offer us sanctuary and inspiration - not to mention the raw..

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Atlas of Flowering Plants: Visual Studies of 200 Deconstructed Botanical Families

Flowers come in an unbelievable array of shapes and colors. Yet, their leaf and fruit forms surpass even their floral splendor. From Acanthaceae to Zygophyllaceae, this book features magnificent colou..

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Bedside Companion for Gardeners:  anthology of garden writing for every night of the year

A mix of fact and fiction, fantasy and experience, the Bedside Companion for Gardeners is a treasure trove of green-fingered inspiration where practical advice blends seamlessly with poetry and prose ..

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Beth Chatto's Green Tapestry Revisited: A Guide to a Sustainably Planted Garden

First published in 1989, Beth Chatto's Green Tapestry described in words and photographs how Beth Chatto created her now world-famous gardens, and the thinking that lay behind them. Beth Chatto's Gree..

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Book of the Earthworm

Sally Coulthard explores the miraculous world of the earthworm, the modest little creature without whom life as we know it would not be possible. Sally Coulthard explores the miraculous world ..

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Building Soil: A Down to Earth Approach: Natural Solutions for Better Gardens and Yards
City Gardener: Contemporary Urban Gardens, The

Our urban gardens provide an essential green refuge amid the expanding concrete jungle. Even without the luxury of sprawling suburban lawns or vast garden beds, there are many ways to create unique ve..

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Common Ground - Garden histories of Aotearoa

Common Ground: Garden histories of Aotearoa takes a loving look at gardens and garden practices in Aotearoa New Zealand over time. While a lot of gardening books focus on the grand plantings of wealth..

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Complete Gardener: A Practical, Imaginative Guide to Every Aspect of Gardening, The

A new edition of Monty's most highly illustrated practical reference, thoroughly updated to reflect how he gardens today, with over half of the photos shot at Longmeadow in the last year. Even gr..

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Complete Guide to No-Dig Gardening: Grow beautiful vegetables, herbs, and flowers - the easy way!, The

A lush, productive vegetable, herb, and flower garden doesn't have to require endless hours of time and unlimited energy. No-dig gardening methods let you keep the rototiller in the shed and focus on ..

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Complete Language of Flowers, The: A Definitive and Illustrated History

The Complete Language of Flowers is a comprehensive and definitive dictionary/reference presenting the history, symbolic meaning, and visual depiction of 1,001 flowers and botanicals from around the w..

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Conservatory: A Celebration of Architecture, Nature, and Light, The

Elegant and magnificent, conservatories reveal fascinating social, cultural, botanical, and engineering advances as they have evolved across history. First appearing in the eighteenth century as simpl..

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Container Succulents: Creative Ideas for Beginners

Container Succulents is the perfect book for container gardening beginners who don't have a lot of space to work with. The beautiful photographs of succulent decor are sure to inspire your inner garde..

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Cornucopia of Fruit & Vegetables, A: Illustrations from an eighteenth-century botanical treasury

This stunning gift book offers fruit and vegetables as detailed art, viewed through eighteenth-century eyes, allowing us to enjoy the sight of swan-necked gourds and horned lemons, smile at silkworms ..

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Costa's World: Gardening for the soil, the soul and the suburbs

The long-awaited book from the beloved host of ABC TV's Gardening Australia Bringing together all of Costa's gardening and sustainability knowledge, this is a book for the whole family that refl..

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Dear Friend & Gardener: Letters on Life & Gardening

In this exchange of personal letters two of Britain's leading gardeners - Christopher Lloyd and Beth Chatto - share their successes and failures, and learn from each other's experiences in their two v..

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Down to Earth: Gardening Wisdom

Written as he talks, this is Monty Don right beside you in the garden, challenging norms and sharing advice. Discover Monty's thoughts and garden ideas around nature, seasons, color, design, pest..

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Dr. Houseplant : indispensable guide to keeping your indoor plants healthy and happy

Is your monstera getting monstrous? Snake plant looking sickly? Fiddle-leaf fading? Devil's ivy dropping leaves? Dr. Houseplant is your key to a thriving indoor home garden. Build your confidenc..

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Eat What You Grow

Imagine a garden that is as beautiful as it is productive, that gives you fresh, wholesome, chemical-free food with flavours that go way beyond anything the shops can offer. In Eat What You..

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Edible Backyard: A Practical Guide to Growing Organic Fruit and Vegetables All Year Round, The

Gardening expert Kath Irvine's guide to everything you need to know to grow organic vegetables, fruit and herbs in your own garden, all through the year. In this practical step-by-step guide, gar..

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Find it Eat it: Cooking Foraged Food Gathered Around New Zealand
First-time Gardener: Growing Vegetables: All the know-how and encouragement you need to grow - and fall in love with! - your brand new food garden

Planting your first vegetable garden can be intimidating; it's tough to know where to start. Before you sink your hands into the soil, you want answers to all of those questions rolling around inside ..

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Flora of the Silk Road: An Illustrated Guide

The Silk Road - a name that has enchanted for centuries. Yet a well kept secret, even today, is that this fabled route linking Europe with Asia is also the most spectacular floral region on earth. Chr..

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Florapedia: A Brief Compendium of Floral Lore

A delightful illustrated treasury of botanical facts and fancy Florapedia is an eclectic A-Z compendium of botanical lore. With more than 100 enticing entries-on topics ranging from achlorophyllo..

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Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden: Grow, Harvest, and Arrange Stunning Seasonal Blooms

From an industry leader in the farm-to-centrepiece movement comes this book on how to grow, harvest, and arrange gorgeous blooms year-round. Owner of Floret Flower Farms in Skagit Valley, Washington, ..

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Floret Farm's Discovering Dahlias: A Guide to Growing and Arranging Magnificent Blooms

A stunning guide to growing, harvesting, and arranging gorgeous dahlia blooms from celebrated farmer-florist and New York Times bestselling author Erin Benzakein, founder of Floret Flower Farm. ..

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Floriography: An Illustrated Guide to the Victorian Language of Flowers

Floriography is a full-colour guidebook to the historical uses and secret meanings behind an impressive array of flowers and herbs. The book explores the coded significances associated with various bl..

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Floriography: The Myths, Magic & Language of Flowers

Flowers can talk. Red roses say 'I love you', white lilies offer condolence and poppies invite us to remember. For thousands of years, humans have used flowers as a language, a short-hand for em..

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Flower Colour Theory

The follow-up to Darroch and Michael Putnam s acclaimed bestselling debut, Flower Color Theory is the only guide that uses color theory as inspiration for fl ower arrangements. The book features 175 a..

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Forager's Treasury, The:  essential guide to finding and using wild plants in Aotearoa

In the urban and rural wildernesses, there is an abundance of food just waiting to be discovered, if only you know what to look for. Foraged food is healthy, economical and sustainable, but the best p..

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Forager's Treasury: A New Zealand Guide to Finding and Using Wild Plants

In New Zealand's urban and rural wildernesses, there is an abundance of food just waiting to be discovered, if only you know what to look for. Foraged food is healthy, economical and sustainable, but ..

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Fungi: A Species Guide

Fungi are an indispensable part of the great chain of life: more than 90% of the world's plant species depend on them for their nutrition. There are believed to be about 1.5 million species, thriving ..

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Garden Alchemy: 80 Recipes and Concoctions for Organic Fertilizers, Plant Elixirs, Potting Mixes, Pest Deterrents, and More

Garden Alchemy is filled with recipes and instructions for making homemade versions of dozens of gardening products, including fertilizers, pest deterrents, potting soils, and more. This gardeni..

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Garden Book

Phaidon's bestseller - showcasing 500 of the greatest garden-makers of all time - now in a stunning newly-updated editionThis beautifully illustrated, revised and refreshed version of Phaidon's classi..

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Garden DIY: 25 Fun-to-Make Projects for an Attractive and Productive Garden

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Build a Better Garden! Loaded with complete plans and easy-to-follow construction tips, Garden DIY offers a creative mix of both practical and decorative projects for gardenin..

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Garden Pest & Disease Control - Essential NZ Guide
Garden: Elements and Styles

Following the bestselling The Gardener's Garden, garden expert and historian Toby Musgrave explores the creative art of garden-making through more than 200 elements and features. This is the ultimate ..

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Gardener's Journal

A journal specifically tailored to suit the needs of a gardener, whether for making notes on planting or weeding, or sketching an illustration of a favored plant. Specially formatted for gardenin..

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Gardener's Journal, The: Vol 2 Issue 1 Februrary 2021
Gardener's Journal: 2: Issue 2


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Gardening Down - Under : A Guide to Healthier Soils and Plants

This fully revised edition of Kevin Handreck's classic bestseller contains a wealth of information for practical gardeners. It will enable you to improve the worst of soils, choose the best fertiliser..

$NZ 54.50 $NZ 59.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 54.50

Gardening for Bumblebees: A Practical Guide to Creating a Paradise for Pollinators

From the Sunday Times bestselling author of A Sting In The Tale comes this practical guide to creating a paradise for pollinators 'Go on, have a flutter! Take a few tips from the new book by biol..

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