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100 Ideas that Changed Fashion

Charting the movements, developments and ideas that transformed the way women dress, this book gives a unique perspective on the history of twentieth-century fashion. From the invention of the bias cu..

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100 Women | 100 Styles

Muses of attitude, brains and confidence come together in this glossy compendium of the female icons who use their personal style and influence to change the way we look and dress. From th..

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100 Years of Fashion Illustration

A visual feast of 400 dazzling images, this is a comprehensive survey of the genre over the last century. The book also offers an overview of the development of fashion, as seen through the eyes of th..

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1000 Sneakers: A Guide to the World's Greatest Kicks, from Sport to Street

Every sneaker has a story to tell, and this encyclopedic book features 1,000 full-color images of the sneakers that have most influenced global sneaker culture with examples to e..

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20th-Century Fashion in Detail

Revealing the elaborate embroidery, intricate pleats and daring cuts that make up some of the 20th century's most beautiful garments, this book explores the specific techniques used by couturiers as t..

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30-Second Fashion: The 50 key modes, garments, and designers, each explained in half a minute

The 50 key modes, garments, and designers, each explained in half a minute! Even if you' re not a regular follower of Suzy Bubble, Le Happy, or The Sartorialist, you probably have some feeling for f..

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50 Ways to Wear Accessories

From the author of 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf and 50 Ways to Wear Denim, comes the perfect follow-up for the ever-popular series: 50 Ways to Wear Accessories! Savvy and smartly designed, this gifty littl..

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Elaborating the history, variety, pervasiveness, and function of the adornments and ornaments with which we beautify ourselves, this book takes in human prehistory, ancient civilizations, hunter-forag..

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Advanced Style: Older and Wiser

This follow up to bestselling Advanced Style (Powerhouse, 2012, also available) features more senior street style and inspiration from all over the globe. In this new edition Ari Seth Cohen shares his..

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Aimee Song: World of Style

*From the author of the New York Times bestseller Capture Your Style* Aimee Song is a fashion icon, a sartorial star, the blogger behind Song of Style, and the author of Capture Your Style. Here ..

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Akira Isogawa

Akira Isogawa delves into the creative world of one of Australia's best known and most loved designers. Beautifully illustrated and with more than 50 garments, it explores the background, inspirations..

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Alexander McQueen: Blood Beneath the Skin

When Alexander McQueen committed suicide in February 2010, aged just 40, a shocked world mourned the loss of its most visionary fashion designer. McQueen had risen from humble beginnings as the young..

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Alexander McQueen: Fashion Visionary: The Legend and the Legacy

Celebrating his work and vision, Alexander McQueen: Fashion Visonary traces the designer's ascent from student to graduate and on to becoming one of the world's most respected couturiers - a story mar..

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Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Alexander McQueen (1969-2010) was one of the most influential, imaginative and inspirational designers at the turn of the millennium. His fashions both challenged and expanded the conventional paramet..

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Allure of Chanel (Illustrated), The

'Chanel is France's greatest figure... the most impetuous, the most brilliantly insufferable woman there ever was.' Paul Morand Paul Morand's last book, one of the most appealing of his oeuvre, b..

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American Runway: 75 Years of Fashion and the Front Row

New York Fashion Week has served many purposes throughout its long history, but it has always remained at the centre of the American fashion world. During World War II, Fashion Week challenged the dom..

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Art of the Beard

The age of the metrosexual is over. Dead and buried. In places as diverse as Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin, Richmond, Miami, and Charleston, modern American men are ushering in a new golden age of hirs..

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Art On Deck: An Exploration of Supreme Skateboards from 1994-2018

For 25 years, Supreme's skateboard collaborations have represented an iconic intersection between art and skate culture, ultimately birthing an entire culture of skateboard art. This book features ori..

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Illuminating the evolution of bag designs and uses from the medieval period to today, the author explores early drawstring creations and richly worked ecclesiastical purses, before looking at large wo..

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Balenciaga in Black: The Black Work

Balenciaga in Black explores the creative genius of Cristobal Balenciaga, 'the couturier's couturier' - the fashion designer revered by all other fashion designers. Black served as inspiration and gui..

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Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion

More than four decades after his death, the enigmatic Spanish couturier Cristobal Balenciaga (1895-1972) has become a legendary figure in the history of twentieth-century fashion. His name is a byword..

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Ballerina: Fashion's Modern Muse

Ballerina: Fashion's Modern Muse is a revelatory, irresistible treat for dance aficionados and fashionistas alike. Couturiers such as Balmain, Balenciaga, Chanel, Schiaparelli, Charles James, Dior, an..

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Beautiful Fall: Fashion, Genius and Glorious Excess in 1970s Paris

In 1950s Paris, Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld were friends, the rising stars of the fashion world. But by the late sixties, the city was invaded by a new mood of liberation and hedonism, and d..

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Beauty Reimagined: Life lessons on loving yourself inside and out

What makes you feel beautiful? Drawing on their personal and professional experiences, 11 remarkable women interrogate the concept of beauty. Never before has the idea of womanhood been as broad ..

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Beauty Sketchbook (Guided Sketchbook), The


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Bill Cunningham: On the Street: Five Decades of Iconic Photography

The iconic Bill Cunningham was known for wearing a blue work jacket and riding a bicycle around New York City as he captured cutting-edge street style (before street style was even a thing). He took p..

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Bojagi - Korean Textile Art: technique, design and inspiration

Bojagi, sometimes called Pojagi, is a traditional Korean textile art. Centuries old, it was originally textiles made for every day living with scraps of left-over fabrics artfully put together. ..

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Breaking the Pattern: A modern way to sew

Scandinavian fashion has long been admired for its stylish and clean-lined cuts and aesthetic. Breaking the Pattern is the first authentic dressmaking book that showcases the beauty of Scandinavian st..

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Brigitte Bardot: My Life in Fashion

Legendary actress Brigitte Bardot led fashion revolutions throughout her career; this retrospective includes BB's comments on her iconic style in a rare, intimate interview. Brigitte Bardot is a style..

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Butterfly on a Pin: A Memoir of Love, Despair and Reinvention

'Raw and real and funny and sad - I could not put this book down' - Jane Kennedy 'You might expect fluff and fashion ... what you get is harrowing, full-strength, funny and deeply satisfying - Z..

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Button Box: The Story of Women in the 20th Century Told Through the Clothes They Wore

A wooden box holds the buttons of three generations of women in Lynn Knight's family - each one with its own tale to tell...Tracing the story of women at home and in work, from the jet buttons of Vict..

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CAMP - Notes on Fashion

Drawing from Susan Sontag's seminal essay, this striking volume explores the meaning of camp and its expression in fashion from its origins to today Although an elusive concept, "camp" can be fo..

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Capsule Wardrobe: 1001 Outfits from 30 Pieces

Cluttered closets create cluttered lives. Too often we are left rummaging around an overflowing wardrobe, ironically at a loss for what to wear. However, owning a capsule wardrobe, which consists of a..

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Carried Away: Bags Unpacked

The bag, and the handbag in particular, has achieved high fashion status, but what's the cultural and historical significance behind the bag? Why do we use them and not just have pockets? Why don't me..

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Chanel: The Complete Karl Lagerfeld Collections

Ever since his first show for the house in 1983, Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel collections have consistently made headlines and dictated trends the world over. For the first time, every Chanel collection ev..

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Chanel: The Karl Lagerfeld Campaigns

When Karl Lagerfeld was named at the helm of the fashion house in 1983, he set out to radically shake up and update its image - not only through bold collections but also, from 1987 onwards, by choosi..

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Chanel: The Making of a Collection

A gorgeously illustrated exploration of the history, culture, and design process of the famed fashion house Chanel Chanel: The Making of a Collection traces the design process of the..

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Choupette: Scrapbook of a Cat

Choupette is the world's most famous and pampered cat: she has two maids, she receives manicures, and only eats at the table off Goyard and Louis Vuitton crockery. Her Instagram account is approaching..

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Christian Dior

Capturing the highlights of the major Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition, Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams, this stunning souvenir celebrates the House of Dior from its foundation in 1947 to the ..

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Chronicle of Western Costume, The

Here, in more than one thousand full-colour illustrations, is the history of Western costume, from ancient Egypt to Paris fashion. John Peacock's meticulous drawings are organized in chronological sec..

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Coco Chanel

This beautifully illustrated biography follows Coco Chanel's exceptional life and work, and celebrates the fashion icon's immense legacy. Chanel lived a remarkable life, growing up as an orphan in a F..

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Coco Chanel

Fashion is ever-changing, influenced by the key designers that capture a moment in history; and Coco Chanel is arguably the most significant influence on women s fashion in the twentieth century. "Coc..

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Coco Chanel : Legend & the Life

The much anticipated and beautifully illustrated Sunday Times Bestselling Biography Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life was first released to great critical acclaim in 2010. Now the paperback edition..

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Coco: Great Lives in Graphic Form

The Biographic series presents an entirely new way of looking at the lives of the world's greatest thinkers and creatives. It takes the 50 defining facts, dates, thoughts, habits and achievements of e..

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Complete Dressmaking: Essential Skills and Techniques for Beginners

The book begins with a description of the kit you really need, including how to choose your first sewing machine for dressmaking. The second chapter describes how to choose and prepare textiles, and/o..

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Conscious Closet, The: The Revolutionary Guide to Looking Good While Doing Good

With her landmark investigation Overdressed- The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion, Elizabeth Cline was the first to reveal fast fashion's hidden toll on garment workers, the environment, and even..

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Cool: Style, Sound, and Subversion - Swing Kids to Seapunks, Rockabillies to Riot Grrls

It s no secret that the youth of the world buck conventional mainstream culture every chance they get, blazing countercultural trails in the process. Driven by their thirst for art and music, young pe..

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Cutting Edge, The

"The Beatles' hair changed the world. As their increasingly wild, untamed manes grew, to the horror of parents everywhere, they set off a cultural revolution as the most tangible symbol of the Sixties..

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Design Museum - Fashion Evolution, The

From the Chanel suit to the Wonderbra, via Jackie Kennedy, Ziggy Stardust and Alexander McQueen, respected fashion journalist and editor Paula Reed explores each of the styles and visionaries that hav..

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Diana Vreeland: Empress of Fashion

Described by an admirer as `the High Druidess of fashion, the Supreme Pontiff, Perpetual Curate and Archpresbyter of elegance, the Vicaress of Style', Diana Vreeland is the cloth from which 21st-centu..

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Dior and His Decorators: Victor Grandpierre, Georges Geffroy and The New Look

Dior and His Decorators is the first work on the two interior designers most closely associated with Christian Dior. Like the unabashedly luxurious fashions of Dior's New Look, which debuted in 194..

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