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100 Years of Fashion

100 Years of Fashion documents in pictures the most exciting and diverse period in fashion: from 1900 to today, covering high society, uniforms, sportswear, streetwear and couture. It will appeal to e..

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101 Things I Learned in Fashion School

A guide to surviving and thriving in fashion school, from an award-winning fashion designer and illustrator Success in fashion school requires more than a passion for fashion. It calls for the st..

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Elaborating the history, variety, pervasiveness, and function of the adornments and ornaments with which we beautify ourselves, this book takes in human prehistory, ancient civilizations, hunter-forag..

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African Lookbook: A Visual History of 100 Years of African Women

An unprecedented visual history of African women told in striking and subversive historical photographs--featuring an Introduction by Edwidge Danticat and a Foreword by Jacqueline Woodson. Most o..

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AndBloom  Art of Aging Unapologetically: Inspiration about life from more than 100 women

'You become what you see. What you see determines what you believe - and the most powerful way of inspiring people is with images. My goal with AndBloom is to motivate women to embrace life without f..

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Art Deco Fashion Masterpieces of Art

Part of a new series of beautiful gift art books, 'Art Deco Fashion: Masterpieces of Art' highlights artworks from fashion illustrators of the era that was characterised by the allure of modernity, pr..

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Art of Bob Mackie, The

The first-ever, comprehensive and authorized showcase of legendary fashion designer Bob Mackie's fabulous life and work, featuring hundreds of photos and dozens of never-before-seen sketches from his ..

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Art of Repair: Mindful mending: how to stitch old things to new life

For Molly Martin, it all started with a pair of socks. Her favourite pair. When the heels became threadbare, her mother got out her darning mushroom and showed her how to reinforce the thinning stitch..

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Ballerina: Fashion's Modern Muse

Ballerina: Fashion's Modern Muse is a revelatory, irresistible treat for dance aficionados and fashionistas alike. Couturiers such as Balmain, Balenciaga, Chanel, Schiaparelli, Charles James, Dior, an..

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Beautiful Creatures: Jewelry Inspired by the Animal Kingdom

Creatures from the animal kingdom represented in exquisite jewelry by renowned masters Cartier, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co., JAR, Belperron, David Webb, Schlumberger, Boucheron, and many other brilliant je..

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Breaking the Pattern: A modern way to sew

Scandinavian fashion has long been admired for its stylish and clean-lined cuts and aesthetic. Breaking the Pattern is the first authentic dressmaking book that showcases the beauty of Scandinavian st..

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Cartiers:  Untold Story of the Family Behind the Jewelry Empire

The Cartiers is the captivating tale of the family behind the Cartier empire as told by a granddaughter with exclusive access to long-lost family archives. "A dynamic group biography studded with..

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Chapeau:Ultimate Guide to Men's Hats

The styling compendium for the modern gentleman! Whether as stylish accessory or sartorial statement piece, men's hats are back in fashion and more varied than ever before. Offering some 200 pages of ..

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Circular Fashion: Making the Fashion Industry Sustainable

Creating sustainable fashion has never been more important. Circular Fashion provides an accessible, practical, and holistic approach to this key topic for anyone studying fashion. This introduct..

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Clothes... and other things that matter

*** 'Warm, thought-provoking and honest.' - Victoria Hislop 'Clever, emotionally intelligent, revelling in style without making us yearn to shop.' - The Times 'Self-de..

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Coco Chanel Special Edition: The Illustrated World of a Fashion Icon

A special enlarged edition of the international bestseller Coco Chanel: The Illustrated World of a Fashion Icon celebrating 50 years since Coco's death, 100 years of Chanel No.5 and five years since t..

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Communicating Fashion: Clothing, Culture, and Media

How did you decide what to wear today? Did you base your selection on comfort or style? Did you want to blend in or stand out - or was it just the cleanest outfit available? We each make these d..

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Costume Design: The Basics

Costume Design: The Basics provides an overview of the fundamental principles of theatrical costume design, from pre-production through opening night. Beginning with a discussion of w..

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Dressed For War: Story of Audrey Withers, Vogue editor extraordinaire from the Blitz to the Swinging Sixties

'Magnificent ... Dressed for War works on many levels: as an evocation of an uncommon time; as a celebration of an uncommon woman; as pure, unalloyed fun.' Lucy Davies, Daily Telegraph Dressed For W..

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Dressed: Fashionable Dress in Aotearoa New Zealand 1840 to 1910

When crinolines, bustles and ostrich feathers were the height of colonial fashion. This richly illustrated and lively social history explores the creation, consumption and spectacle of fashionable dre..

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Dressmaking Book: Over 80 techniques, The

Tailor-make your wardrobe with this essential dressmaking guide.Discover everything you need to know to design, create, and customize your clothes. Guiding you through every stage of clothes-making in..

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Duchess of Cambridge: A Decade of Modern Royal Style, The

Since she was first thrust into the global spotlight, Kate has become the Duchess of Cambridge, a future Queen and a mother of three, she has worn more than 500 outfits, spanning high street to haute ..

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Fashion Since 1900

From the turn-of-the-century S-bend silhouette to celebrity couture of the new millennium and the evolution of streetwear, this comprehensive survey explores significant developments in fashion from 1..

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Fashioning the Modern Middle East: Gender, Body, and Nation

In the first book to address the critical role of the (un)dressed body in the formation of the modern Middle East, these essays unveil contemporary struggles over nation, gender, modernity and post-mo..

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First Book of Fashion:  Book of Clothes of Matthaeus and Veit Konrad Schwarz of Augsburg

"Quite simply the most fascinating record of a '[fashion] victim' one could hope for." The Spectator This captivating study reproduces arguably the most extraordinary primary source documents in..

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Glossy: The inside story of Vogue

'Fashion never seemed more relevant than in this engrossing and unputdownable history of the Queen of them all...the story of Vogue's war years in France is extraordinary . . . wonderful.' Miranda Sey..

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Helena Rubinstein: The Adventure of Beauty

Helena Rubinstein's remarkable life-from the inception of her beauty empire to the legacy she left behind-is celebrated in this comprehensive book that retraces her inspiring story. Helena Rubin..

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How To Break Up With Fast Fashion:  guilt-free guide to changing the way you shop - for good

'A funny, achievable guide' Observer 'Lauren Bravo is one of my favourite writers' Dolly Alderton 'Bravo will inspire you to repair, recycle and give old items a new lease of lif..

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Illustrated World of Couture, The

Hundreds of hours, many expert hands and unimaginable metres of fabric: couture is truly wearable art, where creativity and craftsmanship collide. Megan Hess has spent her career documenting fashion's..

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Japanese Dress in Detail

Bringing together more than 100 items of clothing, this book reveals the intricacies of Japanese dress from the 18th century to the present. Including garments for women, men and children, the details..

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Little Guide to Coco Chanel: Style to Live By

The creative genius who gave us the Little Black Dress and Chanel No. 5. Almost 50 years after her death, Coco Chanel remains one of the world's most influential fashion designers. Her story is ..

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Men In this Town: A Decade of Men's Street Style: Sydney, New York, Tokyo, Milan, London, Melbourne, Toronto, Los Angeles, Madrid, Florence, Paris

For the last decade, Giuseppe Santamaria has observed and recorded the men of big cities while they cross streets, sit at cafes, and pose, momentarily, on busy sidewalks. Traveling the continents, Giu..

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Men's Fashion Book, The

A stunning, stylish, and authoritative A-Z celebration of the 500 greatest names in men's fashion - an unprecedented guideThe Men's Fashion Book is an unparalleled A;Z deep-dive into the designers, ph..

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Miss Dior: A Story of Courage and Couture (from the acclaimed author of Coco Chanel)

Picardie's journey to uncover the secret life of Christian Dior's beloved sister Catherine takes the reader to the heart of Occupied Paris, where he mastered the art of couture while Catherine dedicat..

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New Bracelets: 400+ Contemporary Jewellery Designs

This publication brings together more than four hundred contemporary bracelet designs of very different origins and styles, and it provides a fresh and topical look at what is happening in the world o..

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Paperscapes: Chanel: The Book that Transforms into a Work of Art

Filled with 55 classic Chanel designs and products, and including six removeable prints, Chanel Paperscapes is the ultimate gift for fans of the great fashion house. From Chanel No5 to the Little..

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Patch Work: Life Amongst Clothes

SHORTLISTED FOR THE PEN ACKERLEY PRIZE 2021 A TELEGRAPH BOOK OF THE YEAR 'A strange and mesmerising piece of work' Sunday Times 'An absolute masterpiece' Laura Cumming 'An uncommon delight..

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Pocket, The: A Hidden History of Women's Lives, 1660-1900

Pencils, a sketchbook, cake, yards of stolen ribbon, thimbles, snuff boxes, a picture of a lover, two live ducks: these are just some of the fascinating things carried by women and girls in their tie-..

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Silk: Fibre, Fabric and Fashion (Victoria and Albert Museum)

Silk has long captured the imagination of peoples round the globe, inspiring creativity in the making of luxurious textiles. This major new survey draws on the exceptional collections of London's Vict..

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Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street

This is the first book to gather leading designers, creators and industry insiders to reflect on sneaker design and its ground-breaking impact on popular culture. Contributors provide insights into th..

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Ten: The stories behind the fashion classics, The

White T-shirt, Miniskirt, Hoodie, Jeans, Ballet flat, Breton top, Biker jacket, Little black dress, Stiletto, Trench. What are you wearing? In all likelihood, your outfit will feature at least o..

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Tim Walker: Story Teller

Tim Walker is one of the most visually exciting photographers of our time. This book showcases many of his most dazzling images - 'his daydreams turned into photographs'. Some of the biggest ..

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Tony Williams Goldsmith


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Versace Catwalk: The Complete Collections

Founded by Gianni Versace in 1978, the family-run fashion house soon grew into a symbol of high glamour and luxury known the world over, dressing the biggest personalities of the 1980s and 1990s, from..

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Vivienne Westwood Catwalk: The Complete Collections

One of the most thought-provoking and influential designers in the world - she once declared 'the only reason I'm in fashion is to destroy the word "conformity"' - Vivienne Westwood has been reinventi..

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Vogue: Fantasy & Fashion

Fantasy and Fashion in Vogue is an homage to high fashion. Lavishly illustrated, with work spanning nine decades, it celebrates the magazine's strong and deeply rooted tradition of storytelling throug..

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What Alexander McQueen Can Teach You About Fashion

Discover the life, work and legacy of Alexander McQueen in bite-sized, highly visual lessons concentrating on his artistic spirit, influences and attitude. Alexander McQueen will go down in history as..

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What Coco Chanel Can Teach You About Fashion

Discover the life, work and legacy of Coco Chanel in bite-sized, highly visual lessons concentrating on her artistic spirit, influences and attitude. Chanel's ethos captured the imagination of post-wa..

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Why Did I Buy That?: Fashion mistakes, life lessons

Perfect for fans of Maggie Alderson and Marian Keyes's Making It Up As I Go Along. Musings, style tips and thoughts on being a woman from one of Australia's leading fashion experts. 'Like chattin..

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