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Practice Teaching: A Reflective Approach

Written for language teachers in training, this book surveys issues and procedures in conducting practice teaching. Written for language teachers in training at the diploma, undergraduate, or graduate..

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Professional Practice of Teaching in New Zealand, The (6th Revised edition, 2019)

The Professional Practice of Teaching in New Zealand contains information that will help you learn to teach effectively. Written specifically for the New Zealand setting, it highlights the range of kn..

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Project Genius: BIG Learning for Young Geniuses

Project Genius: BIG Learning for Young Geniuses. Project based learning is gaining popularity in schools all over the world as a way to engage learners, make learning more meaningful and give stu..

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Reading Book, The

The Reading Book is a comprehensive guide to teaching reading. It contains research-based information that will support primary and middle school teachers to plan realistic and effective programme..

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Reframing Academic Leadership (2nd Edition, 2021)

Reframing Academic Leadership Reframing Academic Leadership is the go-to guide for deepening leadership commitment, capacity, and impact. Gallos and Bolman tease out the unique opportunities and ch..

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Respect: A Practitioner's Guide to Calm & Nurturing Infant Care & Education
Sand: Concepts about Print

Part of the highly successful early intervention programme Reading Recovery for children experiencing reading and writing difficulties. The aim is at the end of the sessions, most of the struggling pu..

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School: The ups and downs of one year in the classroom, The

One teacher. One school. One year. Brendan James Murray has been a high school teacher for more than ten years. In that time he has seen hundreds of kids move through the same hallways and classr..

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Sociocultural Realities: Exploring New Horizons


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Some Kids I Taught and What They Taught Me

Kate Clanchy has taught in state schools for nearly thirty years. Some Kids I Taught And What They Taught Me is a book about a life's work spent teaching in a national institution. By telling the stor..

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Step Up to IELTS Self-study Pack

This course covers essential exam skills and language for IELTS in approximately sixty hours of teaching time, and familiarises students quickly with the exam. The course covers both the Academic and ..

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Stones: Concepts about Print


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Study Skills Handbook (5th Edition, 2019)


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Teaching for Quality Learning at University (4th edition)

Foreword to the first edition: "This book is an exceptional introduction to some difficult ideas. It is full of downright good advice for every academic who wants to do something practical to improve ..

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Teaching Mathematics in Primary Schools (3rd Edition, 2019)

Since its first publication, this book has established a strong reputation for its valuable insights into the evidence-based approaches to effectively teach primary mathematics and the practical theor..

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Teaching Primary School Mathematics and Statistics: Evidence-based Practice

"It's like looking at the stars," says one child describing their thoughts about one million. "Oh hika! Wow!" exclaims a teacher excitedly about her students' probability thinking. This book is full o..

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Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies : A Practical Classroom Guide

At last there is a practical resource book that answers the questions many teachers have about how to improve student reading comprehension. Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies is a step-by-step..

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Techniques for Teaching Young Children 3E

An introductory early childhood text specialising in skills and techniques. Offers a blend of theory and practice by describing and demonstrating teaching techniques used in early childhood education,..

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Theorising Childhood: Citizenship, Rights and Participation

Focusing on children's citizenship, participation and rights, this edited collection draws on the work of a number of leading scholars in the sociology of childhood. The contributors explore a range o..

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Thinking about the Teaching of Thinking: The Feuerstein Approach

Thinking about the Teaching of Thinking provides an accessible and comprehensive introduction to Feuerstein's theory of Mediated Learning Experience and its related tools and programmes. It details up..

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Thinking Together: Quality Adult:Child Interactions

The early childhood education sector has become increasingly aware that providing quality early childhood experiences to foster young children's learning and development involves more than simply offe..

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This is Dyslexia: The definitive guide to the untapped power of dyslexic thinking and its vital role in our future

Everything you need to know to understand, value and support the superpower of dyslexia. Written by Kate Griggs the founder of global charity Made By Dyslexia. The future needs Dyslexic Thinking!..

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Three Cups of Tea


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Tikanga Maori: Living by Maori Values (Revised Edition)

Tikanga Maori is the authoritative and accessible introduction to understanding the correct Maori ways of doing things as they were done in the past, as they are done in the present - and as they may ..

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Tikanga Whakaaro : Key Concepts in Maori Culture

Important concepts in Maori culture are defined and discussed in short essay-style definitions in both English and Maori. The traditional knowledge of the ware wananga (school of learning) is drawn up..

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TinkerLab Art Starts: 52 Projects for Open-Ended Exploration

Get inspired with hands-on creative prompts for elementary-aged children featuring simple materials you can find at home from an experienced art teacher. Open-ended art prompts that give children..

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Transforming Education: Reimagining Learning, Pedagogy and Curriculum

Working away from trends in government policy, this book takes a future-oriented re-imagining of schools with a focus on four innate human capacities: collaboration, critical reflection, communication..

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Understanding Children and Childhood

Understanding Children and Childhood examines how and why children develop, and how they interact with the people and events in their lives. Emphasising that children grow up in diverse cultural conte..

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Understanding Economics NCEA Level 1

This full colour 5th edition has been updated with new content and activities to assist students with developing the knowledge and skills they need for assessments. Students will build up their confid..

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Understanding the Te Whariki Approach : Early Years Education in Practice

Understanding the Te Whariki Approach is a much-needed source of information for those wishing to extend and consolidate their understanding of the Te Whariki approach, introducing the reader to an in..

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University Teaching : An Introductory Guide

University Teaching: An Introductory Guide is a vital tool for the new lecturer that aims to encourage and support an inquiry into university teaching and academic life. This book understands that tea..

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Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning

In November 2008, John Hattie's ground-breaking book Visible Learning synthesised the results of more than fifteen years research involving millions of students and represented the biggest ever collec..

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