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Counselling Skills in Social Work Practice

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ISBN: 9780335216499
Title: Counselling Skills in Social Work Practice
Author: Seden, J.
Edition: 2nd
Year: 2005
Format: Paperback
Price: $24.99
Imprint: Open University Press

This book shows how the skills which underpin counselling practice are directly transferable to effective social work practice. The ability to listen and respond effectively to people who use services is a key skill which every social worker must have. Equally the capacity to build effective working relationships with people who use services and other professionals is fundamental to practice within organizations for person-based practice and inter-agency and multi disciplinary work. The National Occupational Standards for social work identify the importance of communication skills and a developmental understanding of people in their social contexts. They also emphasize the importance of promoting wellbeing and human dignity and choice. It is absolutely clear that social workers need to have the basic counselling skills for communicating and relating and preferably to develop more advanced skills depending on the setting where they work and their roles and tasks.This book examines these skills and their applicability, drawing from social work and counselling theory and using examples of practice.Skills are discussed with reference to social work knowledge and values illustrating how, when used competently, contextually and sensitively they can appropriately underpin good social work practice. It is revised with reference to the National Occupational Standards for social work, the associated guidance and the statement of expectations from individuals, families, carers, groups and communities who use services and those who care for them. It includes a new chapter on relevant skills for working across agency boundaries and in multi disciplinary teams. It also includes questions and activities for self development.

Contents: Preface Counselling skills and social work: a relationship Counselling skills for communication Assessing: relevant counselling skills Planning, acting and providing a service: relevant counselling skills Supporting service user choice and advocacy: relevant counselling skills Managing risk and working together: relevant counselling skills Practice within organizations: relevant counselling skills Developing professional competence: relevant counselling skills References Index

Counselling Skills in Social Work Practice

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