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Art and Artists

Derek Jarman's Sketchbooks

There are few more complete examples of an artists record of their own life than the intimately detailed and beautifully produced handmade books that Derek Jarman created throughout his career. Seen t..

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Equine Beauty

The legendary and complex relationship between humans and horses is an enduring one. The horse's distinctive blend of grace and strength and its sleek beauty has long been analyzed, admired and repres..

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Holy Fool : The Pictures of Michael Leunig

At the heart of Michael Leunig's work lies the idea of the holy fool - a character who does not conform to social norms of behaviour because of mental disability or as a deliberate choice, but is rega..

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Night Life of Trees

The Night Life of Trees is an exquisite hand-bound and screen-printed book of paintings by three of the finest artists of the Gond tribal art tradition. The Gonds, a tribe of central India, are tradit..

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Orientalism : Orient in Western Art

"Ever since its discovery by traders and seamen in the Early Modern age, the world of Islam has been an important source of cultural inspiration for Western civilization. Geographically so near, cultu..

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