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Brindle Cook story


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Bringing Back the Birdsong

Diver, undersea explorer and passionate conservationist Wade Doak has lived near the Tutukaka coast with wife Jan since 1968. Well known for his pioneering dives at the Poor Knights Islands off the co..

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Britomart: The Story


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Brockie: A Memoir in Words, Cartoons and Sketches

A memoir with a difference. Through much of Bob Brockie's long and colourful life - 80 plus years to date - he has kept a notebook and sketch pad beside him. In this charming book, Dr Robert Brockie r..

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Broken Book, The

At the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival recently, Fiona Farrell was the star of the opening night with her stories of the Christchurch earthquake - this book takes those stories and gives them we..

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One of New Zealand's best-known cartoonists, Peter Bromhead has led a colourful life. In his satirical, illustrated memoir, Bromhead, as he is affectionately known, shares his life in words and pictur..

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Brother's Pride and Bahia : two ships, two fates, one arrival date, Lyttelton Heads, 1863
Brotherhood So Splendid


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Brothers in Arms: Gordon & Robin Harper in the Great War

Brothers in Arms is an extraordinary account of two brothers who fought side-by-side at Gallipoli and then in the Sinai Desert with the Canterbury Mounted Rifles. The book climaxes with the tragic acc..

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Brulo: Love Legacy


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Built Heritage of the Orongorongo Valley


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Buller's Native Birds of New Zealand A1 Poster


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Bullrush: A Celebration of the Great New Zealand Game

A fun, fact-filled history and tribute to that most iconic of Kiwi childhood games, Bullrush, from its origins and its various bannings to its modern revival in the post-PC playground. Every Kiwi kid ..

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Bunk for the Night

New Zealand has a huge range of backcountry huts, most of which are available for public use. Some can sleep 80 people, while others are tiny two-bunk affairs with not even room to stand up in. They a..

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Burt Munro: The Lost Interviews

Invercargill, at the far southern end of New Zealand. It's the late 1960s and two blokes sit in a modest shed drinking tea. The old bloke is telling stories about his life; the young bloke, a junior r..

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Bush Yarns


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Bushcraft : Outdoor Skills for the New Zealand Bush

The Bushcraft Manual is an excellent resource for outdoor activities. It helps both novices and those with some experience to enjoy the NZ bush in greater safety. Provides up-to-date information on ne..

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Butterflies of the South Pacific


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By the Seat of My Pants

Neville Martin's over-the-shoulder look at his career in journalism and public relations might be taken with more than just a grain of salt - were it not all true. He writes of a world much less fette..

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C B Norwood : Our Story, Our People : The First 65 Years
Caisley : Photographer : View of Whakatane


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Call Me Kiwi


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Calm Beyond : Tua Marina and the Waikakaho - from the Wairau affray to today
Canterbury As I Saw It : Nga Pakihi Whatateka Waitaha / Text, Paintings and Drawings by Henry Lowen-Smith
Canterbury Country Houses V

Canterbury has a rich tapestry of country homesteads - all with their own unique stories to tell. There is an interesting variety of architectural styles and interiors chosen for the homes. All the ho..

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Canterbury Earthquakes : Survival of a Student

Survival of a Student chronicles the lives of several Canterbury University students throughout their final year of study. As they prepare for the year ahead sorting accommodation, buying textbooks an..

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Canterbury Foothills & Forests: A Walking & Tramping Guide
Canterbury Foothills & Forests: A Walking and Tramping Guide

This new edition of Pat Barrett's popular guide to walking excursions in the greater Canterbury region adds Lewis Pass National Reserve and Western Arthur's Pass National Park to the areas included in..

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Canterbury Westland Alps : Climbing and Transalpine Guide

This new guidebook will be the last link in the club's chain of mountaineering guidebooks covering the entire Southern Alps. The Main Divide peaks between Arthur's Pass and Mount Cook National Parks a..

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Captain John William Dundas Blenkinsop


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Carse Head and Crichton Park farms : a story of the land and its people
Carver & The Artist : Maori Art In The 20th Century

This exciting book by a leading younger art historian charts the growth and development of the Maori modernist art that emerged from the rapid urbanisation of Maori in the midtwentieth century and the..

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Catch: How Fishing Companies Reinvented Slavery and Plunder the Ocean
Catlins & the Southern Scenic Route


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Catlins Birds A Pocket Guide


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Catlins Bound

Catlins Bound is a new book by Mike McPhee about his great grandfather's sailing ships which were built in The Catlins and Stewart Island in the 19th Century. The book includes a CD of original music ..

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Catlins Pioneering


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Catlins Rail


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Celebrating 110 Years of the AA in Nelson, 1910-2014
Celebrating the study of te reo Ma»ori in Aotearoa : in honour of Ray Harlow
Celebration of Family, Food & Faith : Hamilton Girls' High School Documentary Photography
Cemetery Circuit : Special Edition Programme


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Centennial Celebration, 1912 to 2014


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Central Otago


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Central Otago and Queenstown Day Walks

With a dry, sunny and reliable climate, a dramatic landscape and widespread evidence remaining of a romantic goldrush past, Central Otago and Queenstown are the outdoor capitals of New Zealand. This u..

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Chang Bai Yun Xia/Under the Long White Cloud


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Change : Stories Along State Highway 38

"Lake Waikaremoana area with its surrounding area has seen many changes, most of which are lost in famous mists of the lake, and the mists of time. This book does not set out to be a definitive histor..

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Changing Land: Sir Donald Mclean's 'Maraekakaho' - 1857 to Today
Changing Lives

Friends since high school, Janice Marriott and Virginia Pawsey reconnected after 30 years and, shortly afterwards, began writing to each other about their respective lives, publishing Common Ground an..

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