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Australians: A Short History

' us what Australian history has desperately needed for years.' Canberra Times..'Keneally evokes these distant lives with concrete detail and vivid sympathy...his people inhabit the same wor..

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Don't Spoil My Beautiful Face: Media, Mayhem & Human Rights in the Pacific

Don't Spoil My Beautiful Face is a comprehensive "hidden stories of the Pacific" media and communication book about many of the Pacific region's major issues of the past two decades such as the Fiji c..

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Oceanian Journeys and Sojourns: Home Thoughts Abroad

Oceanian Journeys and Sojourns focuses on how Pacific Island peoples - Oceanians - think about a range of journeys near and far: their meanings, motives and implications. In addition to addressing hum..

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Pacific Pride: An Introduction to the Islands of Samoa: Samoa

This colorful book introduces the Samoa Islands. It reveals a proud society that has withstood the Impact of colonization and retained a unique lifestyle centered around the family and village...

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Samoan Dictionary   English - Samoan; Samoan - English
Simplified Dictionary of Modern Tongan


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Tala o le Vavau: Myths, Legends and Customs of Old Samoa
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